Interface Detail

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    Element, Node, Node, SOAPElement, SOAPFaultElement

    public interface Detail
    extends SOAPFaultElement
    A container for DetailEntry objects. DetailEntry objects give detailed error information that is application-specific and related to the SOAPBody object that contains it.

    A Detail object, which is part of a SOAPFault object, can be retrieved using the method SOAPFault.getDetail. The Detail interface provides two methods. One creates a new DetailEntry object and also automatically adds it to the Detail object. The second method gets a list of the DetailEntry objects contained in a Detail object.

    The following code fragment, in which sf is a SOAPFault object, gets its Detail object (d), adds a new DetailEntry object to d, and then gets a list of all the DetailEntry objects in d. The code also creates a Name object to pass to the method addDetailEntry. The variable se, used to create the Name object, is a SOAPEnvelope object.

        Detail d = sf.getDetail();
        Name name = se.createName("GetLastTradePrice", "WOMBAT",
        Iterator it = d.getDetailEntries();
    • Method Detail

      • addDetailEntry

        DetailEntry addDetailEntry​(Name name)
                            throws SOAPException
        Creates a new DetailEntry object with the given name and adds it to this Detail object.
        name - a Name object identifying the new DetailEntry object
        SOAPException - thrown when there is a problem in adding a DetailEntry object to this Detail object.
      • getDetailEntries

        Iterator getDetailEntries()
        Gets a list of the detail entries in this Detail object.
        an Iterator object over the DetailEntry objects in this Detail object