Interface TypeStoreVisitor

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    public interface TypeStoreVisitor
    This interface is used by the TypeStore to visit every element in order to compute nillable flags and default values.
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      • visit

        boolean visit​(QName eltName)
        When using a visitor, you must call "visit" on every qname of every element in order up to the one you're interested in. If you're using it for validation, call visit(null) at the end of the sequence of children. If you're not validating, you can just walk away once you get the info you need.
      • get_elementflags

        int get_elementflags()
        Returns the elementflags for this element.
      • get_default_text

        String get_default_text()
        Returns the default text for this element.
      • get_schema_field

        SchemaField get_schema_field()
        Returns the schema field for this field.