Interface AnyDocument.Any

    • Method Detail

      • getMinOccurs

        BigInteger getMinOccurs()
        Gets the "minOccurs" attribute
      • isSetMinOccurs

        boolean isSetMinOccurs()
        True if has "minOccurs" attribute
      • setMinOccurs

        void setMinOccurs​(BigInteger minOccurs)
        Sets the "minOccurs" attribute
      • xsetMinOccurs

        void xsetMinOccurs​(XmlNonNegativeInteger minOccurs)
        Sets (as xml) the "minOccurs" attribute
      • unsetMinOccurs

        void unsetMinOccurs()
        Unsets the "minOccurs" attribute
      • getMaxOccurs

        Object getMaxOccurs()
        Gets the "maxOccurs" attribute
      • xgetMaxOccurs

        AllNNI xgetMaxOccurs()
        Gets (as xml) the "maxOccurs" attribute
      • isSetMaxOccurs

        boolean isSetMaxOccurs()
        True if has "maxOccurs" attribute
      • setMaxOccurs

        void setMaxOccurs​(Object maxOccurs)
        Sets the "maxOccurs" attribute
      • xsetMaxOccurs

        void xsetMaxOccurs​(AllNNI maxOccurs)
        Sets (as xml) the "maxOccurs" attribute
      • unsetMaxOccurs

        void unsetMaxOccurs()
        Unsets the "maxOccurs" attribute