Interface Keybase

    • Method Detail

      • sizeOfFieldArray

        int sizeOfFieldArray()
        Returns number of "field" element
      • setFieldArray

        void setFieldArray​(FieldDocument.Field[] fieldArray)
        Sets array of all "field" element
      • setFieldArray

        void setFieldArray​(int i,
                           FieldDocument.Field field)
        Sets ith "field" element
      • insertNewField

        FieldDocument.Field insertNewField​(int i)
        Inserts and returns a new empty value (as xml) as the ith "field" element
      • addNewField

        FieldDocument.Field addNewField()
        Appends and returns a new empty value (as xml) as the last "field" element
      • removeField

        void removeField​(int i)
        Removes the ith "field" element
      • getName

        String getName()
        Gets the "name" attribute
      • xgetName

        XmlNCName xgetName()
        Gets (as xml) the "name" attribute
      • setName

        void setName​(String name)
        Sets the "name" attribute
      • xsetName

        void xsetName​(XmlNCName name)
        Sets (as xml) the "name" attribute