Interface SimpleContentDocument.SimpleContent

    • Method Detail

      • isSetRestriction

        boolean isSetRestriction()
        True if has "restriction" element
      • setRestriction

        void setRestriction​(SimpleRestrictionType restriction)
        Sets the "restriction" element
      • addNewRestriction

        SimpleRestrictionType addNewRestriction()
        Appends and returns a new empty "restriction" element
      • unsetRestriction

        void unsetRestriction()
        Unsets the "restriction" element
      • isSetExtension

        boolean isSetExtension()
        True if has "extension" element
      • setExtension

        void setExtension​(SimpleExtensionType extension)
        Sets the "extension" element
      • addNewExtension

        SimpleExtensionType addNewExtension()
        Appends and returns a new empty "extension" element
      • unsetExtension

        void unsetExtension()
        Unsets the "extension" element