Interface SimpleType

    • Method Detail

      • isSetRestriction

        boolean isSetRestriction()
        True if has "restriction" element
      • unsetRestriction

        void unsetRestriction()
        Unsets the "restriction" element
      • isSetList

        boolean isSetList()
        True if has "list" element
      • addNewList

        ListDocument.List addNewList()
        Appends and returns a new empty "list" element
      • unsetList

        void unsetList()
        Unsets the "list" element
      • isSetUnion

        boolean isSetUnion()
        True if has "union" element
      • addNewUnion

        UnionDocument.Union addNewUnion()
        Appends and returns a new empty "union" element
      • unsetUnion

        void unsetUnion()
        Unsets the "union" element
      • getFinal

        Object getFinal()
        Gets the "final" attribute
      • isSetFinal

        boolean isSetFinal()
        True if has "final" attribute
      • setFinal

        void setFinal​(Object xfinal)
        Sets the "final" attribute
      • xsetFinal

        void xsetFinal​(SimpleDerivationSet xfinal)
        Sets (as xml) the "final" attribute
      • unsetFinal

        void unsetFinal()
        Unsets the "final" attribute
      • getName

        String getName()
        Gets the "name" attribute
      • xgetName

        XmlNCName xgetName()
        Gets (as xml) the "name" attribute
      • isSetName

        boolean isSetName()
        True if has "name" attribute
      • setName

        void setName​(String name)
        Sets the "name" attribute
      • xsetName

        void xsetName​(XmlNCName name)
        Sets (as xml) the "name" attribute
      • unsetName

        void unsetName()
        Unsets the "name" attribute