Class HttpClientMBean

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    public class HttpClientMBean
    extends ObjectMBean
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      • HttpClientMBean

        public HttpClientMBean​(java.lang.Object managedObject)
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      • getObjectContextBasis

        public java.lang.String getObjectContextBasis()
        Description copied from class: ObjectMBean

        Allows to customize the ObjectName property context.

        When MBeanContainer creates default ObjectNames, the context property is "inherited" recursively by MBeans that are children of this MBean; this allows to "group" descendant MBeans so that it is clear who is the ancestor they belong to.

        For example, if object A has a child component B which has children components C, then AMBean can override this method to return "alpha", and then the ObjectNames will be:

        • domain:type=a,context=alpha,id=0
        • domain:type=b,context=alpha,id=0
        • domain:type=c,context=alpha,id=0
        • domain:type=c,context=alpha,id=1
        getObjectContextBasis in class ObjectMBean
        a custom value for the property context