Interface WriteFlusher.Listener

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    public static interface WriteFlusher.Listener
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    A listener of WriteFlusher events.

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      • onFlushed

        void onFlushed​(long bytes)
                throws IOException

        Invoked when a WriteFlusher flushed bytes in a non-blocking way, as part of a - possibly larger - write.

        This method may be invoked multiple times, for example when writing a large buffer: a first flush of bytes, then the connection became TCP congested, and a subsequent flush of bytes when the connection became writable again.

        This method is never invoked concurrently, but may be invoked by different threads, so implementations may not rely on thread-local variables.

        Implementations may throw an IOException to signal that the write should fail, for example if the implementation enforces a minimum data rate.

        bytes - the number of bytes flushed
        IOException - if the write should fail