Class InetAddressSet

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Iterable<String>, Collection<String>, Predicate<InetAddress>, Set<String>

    public class InetAddressSet
    extends AbstractSet<String>
    implements Set<String>, Predicate<InetAddress>
    The Eclipse Jetty and Apache Felix Http Jetty packages are no longer supported.
    A set of InetAddress patterns.

    This is a Set of String patterns that are used to match a Predicate over InetAddress for containment semantics. The patterns that may be set are:

    A single InetAddress either in hostname or address format. All formats supported by InetAddress are accepted. Not ethat using hostname matches may force domain lookups. eg. "[::1]", "", "::ffff:"
    An InetAddress with a integer number of bits to indicate the significant prefix. eg. "" will match from "" to ""
    An inclusive range of InetAddresses. eg. "[a000::1]-[afff::]", ""
    Legacy format
    The legacy format used by IPAddressMap for IPv4 only. eg. "10.10.10-14.0-128"

    This class is designed to work with IncludeExcludeSet

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