Class WebAppContext.Context

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      • Context

        public Context()
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      • getResource

        public URL getResource​(String path)
                        throws MalformedURLException
        Description copied from interface: ServletContext
        Returns a URL to the resource that is mapped to a specified path. The path must begin with a "/" and is interpreted as relative to the current context root.

        This method allows the servlet container to make a resource available to servlets from any source. Resources can be located on a local or remote file system, in a database, or in a .war file.

        The servlet container must implement the URL handlers and URLConnection objects that are necessary to access the resource.

        This method returns null if no resource is mapped to the pathname.

        Some containers may allow writing to the URL returned by this method using the methods of the URL class.

        The resource content is returned directly, so be aware that requesting a .jsp page returns the JSP source code. Use a RequestDispatcher instead to include results of an execution.

        This method has a different purpose than java.lang.Class.getResource, which looks up resources based on a class loader. This method does not use class loaders.

        Specified by:
        getResource in interface ServletContext
        getResource in class ContextHandler.Context
        path - a String specifying the path to the resource
        the resource located at the named path, or null if there is no resource at that path
        MalformedURLException - if the pathname is not given in the correct form
      • getContext

        public ServletContext getContext​(String uripath)
        Description copied from interface: ServletContext
        Returns a ServletContext object that corresponds to a specified URL on the server.

        This method allows servlets to gain access to the context for various parts of the server, and as needed obtain RequestDispatcher objects from the context. The given path must be begin with "/", is interpreted relative to the server's document root and is matched against the context roots of other web applications hosted on this container.

        In a security conscious environment, the servlet container may return null for a given URL.

        Specified by:
        getContext in interface ServletContext
        getContext in class ContextHandler.Context
        uripath - a String specifying the context path of another web application in the container.
        the ServletContext object that corresponds to the named URL, or null if either none exists or the container wishes to restrict this access.
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