Interface WebSocketCreator

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    public interface WebSocketCreator
    The Eclipse Jetty and Apache Felix Http Jetty packages are no longer supported.
    Abstract WebSocket creator interface.

    Should you desire filtering of the WebSocket object creation due to criteria such as origin or sub-protocol, then you will be required to implement a custom WebSocketCreator implementation.

    This has been moved from the WebSocketServlet to a standalone class managed by the WebSocketServerFactory due to need of WebSocket Extensions that require the ability to create new websockets (such as the mux extension)

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        java.lang.Object createWebSocket​(ServletUpgradeRequest req,
                                         ServletUpgradeResponse resp)
        Create a websocket from the incoming request.
        req - the request details
        resp - the response details
        a websocket object to use, or null if no websocket should be created from this request.