Interface DateTimeParser

    • Method Detail

      • estimateParsedLength

        int estimateParsedLength()
        Returns the expected maximum number of characters consumed. The actual amount should rarely exceed this estimate.
        the estimated length
      • parseInto

        int parseInto​(DateTimeParserBucket bucket,
                      String text,
                      int position)
        Parse an element from the given text, saving any fields into the given DateTimeParserBucket. If the parse succeeds, the return value is the new text position. Note that the parse may succeed without fully reading the text.

        If it fails, the return value is negative. To determine the position where the parse failed, apply the one's complement operator (~) on the return value.

        bucket - field are saved into this, not null
        text - the text to parse, not null
        position - position to start parsing from
        new position, negative value means parse failed - apply complement operator (~) to get position of failure
        IllegalArgumentException - if any field is out of range