Interface GuiCallback

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    public interface GuiCallback
    Interface for communication between the debugger and its GUI. This should be implemented by the GUI.
    • Method Detail

      • updateSourceText

        void updateSourceText​(Dim.SourceInfo sourceInfo)
        Called when the source text of some script has been changed.
      • enterInterrupt

        void enterInterrupt​(Dim.StackFrame lastFrame,
                            java.lang.String threadTitle,
                            java.lang.String alertMessage)
        Called when the interrupt loop has been entered.
      • isGuiEventThread

        boolean isGuiEventThread()
        Returns whether the current thread is the GUI's event thread. This information is required to avoid blocking the event thread from the debugger.
      • dispatchNextGuiEvent

        void dispatchNextGuiEvent()
                           throws java.lang.InterruptedException
        Processes the next GUI event. This manual pumping of GUI events is necessary when the GUI event thread itself has been stopped.