Class NativeArrayBuffer

    • Constructor Detail

      • NativeArrayBuffer

        public NativeArrayBuffer()
        Create an empty buffer.
      • NativeArrayBuffer

        public NativeArrayBuffer​(int len)
        Create a buffer of the specified length in bytes.
    • Method Detail

      • getLength

        public int getLength()
        Get the number of bytes in the buffer.
      • getBuffer

        public byte[] getBuffer()
        Return the actual bytes that back the buffer. This is a reference to the real buffer, so changes to bytes here will be reflected in the actual object and all its views.
      • slice

        public NativeArrayBuffer slice​(int s,
                                       int e)
        Return a new buffer that represents a slice of this buffer's content, starting at position "start" and ending at position "end". Both values will be "clamped" as per the JavaScript spec so that invalid values may be passed and will be adjusted up or down accordingly. This method will return a new buffer that contains a copy of the original buffer. Changes there will not affect the content of the buffer.
        s - the position where the new buffer will start
        e - the position where it will end