Class NativeUint32Array

    • Constructor Detail

      • NativeUint32Array

        public NativeUint32Array()
      • NativeUint32Array

        public NativeUint32Array​(NativeArrayBuffer ab,
                                 int off,
                                 int len)
      • NativeUint32Array

        public NativeUint32Array​(int len)
    • Method Detail

      • getBytesPerElement

        public int getBytesPerElement()
        Description copied from class: NativeTypedArrayView
        Return the number of bytes represented by each element in the array. This can be useful when wishing to manipulate the byte array directly from Java.
        Specified by:
        getBytesPerElement in class NativeTypedArrayView<Long>
      • get

        public Long get​(int i)
      • set

        public Long set​(int i,
                        Long aByte)