Class XMLObject

    • Constructor Detail

      • XMLObject

        public XMLObject()
    • Method Detail

      • has

        public abstract boolean has​(Context cx,
                                    Object id)
        Implementation of ECMAScript [[Has]].
      • get

        public abstract Object get​(Context cx,
                                   Object id)
        Implementation of ECMAScript [[Get]].
      • put

        public abstract void put​(Context cx,
                                 Object id,
                                 Object value)
        Implementation of ECMAScript [[Put]].
      • delete

        public abstract boolean delete​(Context cx,
                                       Object id)
        Implementation of ECMAScript [[Delete]].
      • getFunctionProperty

        public abstract Object getFunctionProperty​(Context cx,
                                                   String name)
      • getFunctionProperty

        public abstract Object getFunctionProperty​(Context cx,
                                                   int id)
      • getExtraMethodSource

        public abstract Scriptable getExtraMethodSource​(Context cx)
        Return an additional object to look for methods that runtime should consider during method search. Return null if no such object available.
      • memberRef

        public abstract Ref memberRef​(Context cx,
                                      Object elem,
                                      int memberTypeFlags)
        Generic reference to implement x.@y, x..y etc.
      • memberRef

        public abstract Ref memberRef​(Context cx,
                                      Object namespace,
                                      Object elem,
                                      int memberTypeFlags)
        Generic reference to implement x::ns, x.@ns::y, x..@ns::y etc.
      • enterWith

        public abstract NativeWith enterWith​(Scriptable scope)
        Wrap this object into NativeWith to implement the with statement.
      • enterDotQuery

        public abstract NativeWith enterDotQuery​(Scriptable scope)
        Wrap this object into NativeWith to implement the .() query.
      • addValues

        public Object addValues​(Context cx,
                                boolean thisIsLeft,
                                Object value)
        Custom + operator. Should return Scriptable.NOT_FOUND if this object does not have custom addition operator for the given value, or the result of the addition operation.

        The default implementation returns Scriptable.NOT_FOUND to indicate no custom addition operation.

        cx - the Context object associated with the current thread.
        thisIsLeft - if true, the object should calculate this + value if false, the object should calculate value + this.
        value - the second argument for addition operation.