Interface CTTableCell

  • All Superinterfaces:
    XmlObject, XmlTokenSource

    public interface CTTableCell
    extends XmlObject
    An XML CT_TableCell(@ This is a complex type.
    • Method Detail

      • getTxBody

        CTTextBody getTxBody()
        Gets the "txBody" element
      • isSetTxBody

        boolean isSetTxBody()
        True if has "txBody" element
      • setTxBody

        void setTxBody​(CTTextBody txBody)
        Sets the "txBody" element
      • addNewTxBody

        CTTextBody addNewTxBody()
        Appends and returns a new empty "txBody" element
      • unsetTxBody

        void unsetTxBody()
        Unsets the "txBody" element
      • isSetTcPr

        boolean isSetTcPr()
        True if has "tcPr" element
      • unsetTcPr

        void unsetTcPr()
        Unsets the "tcPr" element
      • isSetExtLst

        boolean isSetExtLst()
        True if has "extLst" element
      • unsetExtLst

        void unsetExtLst()
        Unsets the "extLst" element
      • getRowSpan

        int getRowSpan()
        Gets the "rowSpan" attribute
      • xgetRowSpan

        XmlInt xgetRowSpan()
        Gets (as xml) the "rowSpan" attribute
      • isSetRowSpan

        boolean isSetRowSpan()
        True if has "rowSpan" attribute
      • setRowSpan

        void setRowSpan​(int rowSpan)
        Sets the "rowSpan" attribute
      • xsetRowSpan

        void xsetRowSpan​(XmlInt rowSpan)
        Sets (as xml) the "rowSpan" attribute
      • unsetRowSpan

        void unsetRowSpan()
        Unsets the "rowSpan" attribute
      • getGridSpan

        int getGridSpan()
        Gets the "gridSpan" attribute
      • xgetGridSpan

        XmlInt xgetGridSpan()
        Gets (as xml) the "gridSpan" attribute
      • isSetGridSpan

        boolean isSetGridSpan()
        True if has "gridSpan" attribute
      • setGridSpan

        void setGridSpan​(int gridSpan)
        Sets the "gridSpan" attribute
      • xsetGridSpan

        void xsetGridSpan​(XmlInt gridSpan)
        Sets (as xml) the "gridSpan" attribute
      • unsetGridSpan

        void unsetGridSpan()
        Unsets the "gridSpan" attribute
      • getHMerge

        boolean getHMerge()
        Gets the "hMerge" attribute
      • xgetHMerge

        XmlBoolean xgetHMerge()
        Gets (as xml) the "hMerge" attribute
      • isSetHMerge

        boolean isSetHMerge()
        True if has "hMerge" attribute
      • setHMerge

        void setHMerge​(boolean hMerge)
        Sets the "hMerge" attribute
      • xsetHMerge

        void xsetHMerge​(XmlBoolean hMerge)
        Sets (as xml) the "hMerge" attribute
      • unsetHMerge

        void unsetHMerge()
        Unsets the "hMerge" attribute
      • getVMerge

        boolean getVMerge()
        Gets the "vMerge" attribute
      • xgetVMerge

        XmlBoolean xgetVMerge()
        Gets (as xml) the "vMerge" attribute
      • isSetVMerge

        boolean isSetVMerge()
        True if has "vMerge" attribute
      • setVMerge

        void setVMerge​(boolean vMerge)
        Sets the "vMerge" attribute
      • xsetVMerge

        void xsetVMerge​(XmlBoolean vMerge)
        Sets (as xml) the "vMerge" attribute
      • unsetVMerge

        void unsetVMerge()
        Unsets the "vMerge" attribute