Interface CTDataBinding

  • All Superinterfaces:
    XmlObject, XmlTokenSource

    public interface CTDataBinding
    extends XmlObject
    An XML CT_DataBinding(@ This is a complex type.
    • Method Detail

      • getDataBindingName

        String getDataBindingName()
        Gets the "DataBindingName" attribute
      • xgetDataBindingName

        XmlString xgetDataBindingName()
        Gets (as xml) the "DataBindingName" attribute
      • isSetDataBindingName

        boolean isSetDataBindingName()
        True if has "DataBindingName" attribute
      • setDataBindingName

        void setDataBindingName​(String dataBindingName)
        Sets the "DataBindingName" attribute
      • xsetDataBindingName

        void xsetDataBindingName​(XmlString dataBindingName)
        Sets (as xml) the "DataBindingName" attribute
      • unsetDataBindingName

        void unsetDataBindingName()
        Unsets the "DataBindingName" attribute
      • getFileBinding

        boolean getFileBinding()
        Gets the "FileBinding" attribute
      • xgetFileBinding

        XmlBoolean xgetFileBinding()
        Gets (as xml) the "FileBinding" attribute
      • isSetFileBinding

        boolean isSetFileBinding()
        True if has "FileBinding" attribute
      • setFileBinding

        void setFileBinding​(boolean fileBinding)
        Sets the "FileBinding" attribute
      • xsetFileBinding

        void xsetFileBinding​(XmlBoolean fileBinding)
        Sets (as xml) the "FileBinding" attribute
      • unsetFileBinding

        void unsetFileBinding()
        Unsets the "FileBinding" attribute
      • getConnectionID

        long getConnectionID()
        Gets the "ConnectionID" attribute
      • xgetConnectionID

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetConnectionID()
        Gets (as xml) the "ConnectionID" attribute
      • isSetConnectionID

        boolean isSetConnectionID()
        True if has "ConnectionID" attribute
      • setConnectionID

        void setConnectionID​(long connectionID)
        Sets the "ConnectionID" attribute
      • xsetConnectionID

        void xsetConnectionID​(XmlUnsignedInt connectionID)
        Sets (as xml) the "ConnectionID" attribute
      • unsetConnectionID

        void unsetConnectionID()
        Unsets the "ConnectionID" attribute
      • getFileBindingName

        String getFileBindingName()
        Gets the "FileBindingName" attribute
      • xgetFileBindingName

        XmlString xgetFileBindingName()
        Gets (as xml) the "FileBindingName" attribute
      • isSetFileBindingName

        boolean isSetFileBindingName()
        True if has "FileBindingName" attribute
      • setFileBindingName

        void setFileBindingName​(String fileBindingName)
        Sets the "FileBindingName" attribute
      • xsetFileBindingName

        void xsetFileBindingName​(XmlString fileBindingName)
        Sets (as xml) the "FileBindingName" attribute
      • unsetFileBindingName

        void unsetFileBindingName()
        Unsets the "FileBindingName" attribute
      • getDataBindingLoadMode

        long getDataBindingLoadMode()
        Gets the "DataBindingLoadMode" attribute
      • xgetDataBindingLoadMode

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetDataBindingLoadMode()
        Gets (as xml) the "DataBindingLoadMode" attribute
      • setDataBindingLoadMode

        void setDataBindingLoadMode​(long dataBindingLoadMode)
        Sets the "DataBindingLoadMode" attribute
      • xsetDataBindingLoadMode

        void xsetDataBindingLoadMode​(XmlUnsignedInt dataBindingLoadMode)
        Sets (as xml) the "DataBindingLoadMode" attribute