Interface CTPivotSelection

  • All Superinterfaces:
    XmlObject, XmlTokenSource

    public interface CTPivotSelection
    extends XmlObject
    An XML CT_PivotSelection(@ This is a complex type.
    • Method Detail

      • getPivotArea

        CTPivotArea getPivotArea()
        Gets the "pivotArea" element
      • setPivotArea

        void setPivotArea​(CTPivotArea pivotArea)
        Sets the "pivotArea" element
      • addNewPivotArea

        CTPivotArea addNewPivotArea()
        Appends and returns a new empty "pivotArea" element
      • getPane

        STPane.Enum getPane()
        Gets the "pane" attribute
      • xgetPane

        STPane xgetPane()
        Gets (as xml) the "pane" attribute
      • isSetPane

        boolean isSetPane()
        True if has "pane" attribute
      • setPane

        void setPane​(STPane.Enum pane)
        Sets the "pane" attribute
      • xsetPane

        void xsetPane​(STPane pane)
        Sets (as xml) the "pane" attribute
      • unsetPane

        void unsetPane()
        Unsets the "pane" attribute
      • getShowHeader

        boolean getShowHeader()
        Gets the "showHeader" attribute
      • xgetShowHeader

        XmlBoolean xgetShowHeader()
        Gets (as xml) the "showHeader" attribute
      • isSetShowHeader

        boolean isSetShowHeader()
        True if has "showHeader" attribute
      • setShowHeader

        void setShowHeader​(boolean showHeader)
        Sets the "showHeader" attribute
      • xsetShowHeader

        void xsetShowHeader​(XmlBoolean showHeader)
        Sets (as xml) the "showHeader" attribute
      • unsetShowHeader

        void unsetShowHeader()
        Unsets the "showHeader" attribute
      • getLabel

        boolean getLabel()
        Gets the "label" attribute
      • xgetLabel

        XmlBoolean xgetLabel()
        Gets (as xml) the "label" attribute
      • isSetLabel

        boolean isSetLabel()
        True if has "label" attribute
      • setLabel

        void setLabel​(boolean label)
        Sets the "label" attribute
      • xsetLabel

        void xsetLabel​(XmlBoolean label)
        Sets (as xml) the "label" attribute
      • unsetLabel

        void unsetLabel()
        Unsets the "label" attribute
      • getData

        boolean getData()
        Gets the "data" attribute
      • xgetData

        XmlBoolean xgetData()
        Gets (as xml) the "data" attribute
      • isSetData

        boolean isSetData()
        True if has "data" attribute
      • setData

        void setData​(boolean data)
        Sets the "data" attribute
      • xsetData

        void xsetData​(XmlBoolean data)
        Sets (as xml) the "data" attribute
      • unsetData

        void unsetData()
        Unsets the "data" attribute
      • getExtendable

        boolean getExtendable()
        Gets the "extendable" attribute
      • xgetExtendable

        XmlBoolean xgetExtendable()
        Gets (as xml) the "extendable" attribute
      • isSetExtendable

        boolean isSetExtendable()
        True if has "extendable" attribute
      • setExtendable

        void setExtendable​(boolean extendable)
        Sets the "extendable" attribute
      • xsetExtendable

        void xsetExtendable​(XmlBoolean extendable)
        Sets (as xml) the "extendable" attribute
      • unsetExtendable

        void unsetExtendable()
        Unsets the "extendable" attribute
      • getCount

        long getCount()
        Gets the "count" attribute
      • xgetCount

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetCount()
        Gets (as xml) the "count" attribute
      • isSetCount

        boolean isSetCount()
        True if has "count" attribute
      • setCount

        void setCount​(long count)
        Sets the "count" attribute
      • xsetCount

        void xsetCount​(XmlUnsignedInt count)
        Sets (as xml) the "count" attribute
      • unsetCount

        void unsetCount()
        Unsets the "count" attribute
      • getAxis

        STAxis.Enum getAxis()
        Gets the "axis" attribute
      • xgetAxis

        STAxis xgetAxis()
        Gets (as xml) the "axis" attribute
      • isSetAxis

        boolean isSetAxis()
        True if has "axis" attribute
      • setAxis

        void setAxis​(STAxis.Enum axis)
        Sets the "axis" attribute
      • xsetAxis

        void xsetAxis​(STAxis axis)
        Sets (as xml) the "axis" attribute
      • unsetAxis

        void unsetAxis()
        Unsets the "axis" attribute
      • getDimension

        long getDimension()
        Gets the "dimension" attribute
      • xgetDimension

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetDimension()
        Gets (as xml) the "dimension" attribute
      • isSetDimension

        boolean isSetDimension()
        True if has "dimension" attribute
      • setDimension

        void setDimension​(long dimension)
        Sets the "dimension" attribute
      • xsetDimension

        void xsetDimension​(XmlUnsignedInt dimension)
        Sets (as xml) the "dimension" attribute
      • unsetDimension

        void unsetDimension()
        Unsets the "dimension" attribute
      • getStart

        long getStart()
        Gets the "start" attribute
      • xgetStart

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetStart()
        Gets (as xml) the "start" attribute
      • isSetStart

        boolean isSetStart()
        True if has "start" attribute
      • setStart

        void setStart​(long start)
        Sets the "start" attribute
      • xsetStart

        void xsetStart​(XmlUnsignedInt start)
        Sets (as xml) the "start" attribute
      • unsetStart

        void unsetStart()
        Unsets the "start" attribute
      • getMin

        long getMin()
        Gets the "min" attribute
      • isSetMin

        boolean isSetMin()
        True if has "min" attribute
      • setMin

        void setMin​(long min)
        Sets the "min" attribute
      • xsetMin

        void xsetMin​(XmlUnsignedInt min)
        Sets (as xml) the "min" attribute
      • unsetMin

        void unsetMin()
        Unsets the "min" attribute
      • getMax

        long getMax()
        Gets the "max" attribute
      • isSetMax

        boolean isSetMax()
        True if has "max" attribute
      • setMax

        void setMax​(long max)
        Sets the "max" attribute
      • xsetMax

        void xsetMax​(XmlUnsignedInt max)
        Sets (as xml) the "max" attribute
      • unsetMax

        void unsetMax()
        Unsets the "max" attribute
      • getActiveRow

        long getActiveRow()
        Gets the "activeRow" attribute
      • xgetActiveRow

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetActiveRow()
        Gets (as xml) the "activeRow" attribute
      • isSetActiveRow

        boolean isSetActiveRow()
        True if has "activeRow" attribute
      • setActiveRow

        void setActiveRow​(long activeRow)
        Sets the "activeRow" attribute
      • xsetActiveRow

        void xsetActiveRow​(XmlUnsignedInt activeRow)
        Sets (as xml) the "activeRow" attribute
      • unsetActiveRow

        void unsetActiveRow()
        Unsets the "activeRow" attribute
      • getActiveCol

        long getActiveCol()
        Gets the "activeCol" attribute
      • xgetActiveCol

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetActiveCol()
        Gets (as xml) the "activeCol" attribute
      • isSetActiveCol

        boolean isSetActiveCol()
        True if has "activeCol" attribute
      • setActiveCol

        void setActiveCol​(long activeCol)
        Sets the "activeCol" attribute
      • xsetActiveCol

        void xsetActiveCol​(XmlUnsignedInt activeCol)
        Sets (as xml) the "activeCol" attribute
      • unsetActiveCol

        void unsetActiveCol()
        Unsets the "activeCol" attribute
      • getPreviousRow

        long getPreviousRow()
        Gets the "previousRow" attribute
      • xgetPreviousRow

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetPreviousRow()
        Gets (as xml) the "previousRow" attribute
      • isSetPreviousRow

        boolean isSetPreviousRow()
        True if has "previousRow" attribute
      • setPreviousRow

        void setPreviousRow​(long previousRow)
        Sets the "previousRow" attribute
      • xsetPreviousRow

        void xsetPreviousRow​(XmlUnsignedInt previousRow)
        Sets (as xml) the "previousRow" attribute
      • unsetPreviousRow

        void unsetPreviousRow()
        Unsets the "previousRow" attribute
      • getPreviousCol

        long getPreviousCol()
        Gets the "previousCol" attribute
      • xgetPreviousCol

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetPreviousCol()
        Gets (as xml) the "previousCol" attribute
      • isSetPreviousCol

        boolean isSetPreviousCol()
        True if has "previousCol" attribute
      • setPreviousCol

        void setPreviousCol​(long previousCol)
        Sets the "previousCol" attribute
      • xsetPreviousCol

        void xsetPreviousCol​(XmlUnsignedInt previousCol)
        Sets (as xml) the "previousCol" attribute
      • unsetPreviousCol

        void unsetPreviousCol()
        Unsets the "previousCol" attribute
      • getClick

        long getClick()
        Gets the "click" attribute
      • xgetClick

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetClick()
        Gets (as xml) the "click" attribute
      • isSetClick

        boolean isSetClick()
        True if has "click" attribute
      • setClick

        void setClick​(long click)
        Sets the "click" attribute
      • xsetClick

        void xsetClick​(XmlUnsignedInt click)
        Sets (as xml) the "click" attribute
      • unsetClick

        void unsetClick()
        Unsets the "click" attribute
      • getId

        String getId()
        Gets the "id" attribute
      • isSetId

        boolean isSetId()
        True if has "id" attribute
      • setId

        void setId​(String id)
        Sets the "id" attribute
      • unsetId

        void unsetId()
        Unsets the "id" attribute