Interface CTPivotTableDefinition

  • All Superinterfaces:
    XmlObject, XmlTokenSource

    public interface CTPivotTableDefinition
    extends XmlObject
    An XML CT_pivotTableDefinition(@ This is a complex type.
    • Method Detail

      • getLocation

        CTLocation getLocation()
        Gets the "location" element
      • setLocation

        void setLocation​(CTLocation location)
        Sets the "location" element
      • addNewLocation

        CTLocation addNewLocation()
        Appends and returns a new empty "location" element
      • getPivotFields

        CTPivotFields getPivotFields()
        Gets the "pivotFields" element
      • isSetPivotFields

        boolean isSetPivotFields()
        True if has "pivotFields" element
      • setPivotFields

        void setPivotFields​(CTPivotFields pivotFields)
        Sets the "pivotFields" element
      • addNewPivotFields

        CTPivotFields addNewPivotFields()
        Appends and returns a new empty "pivotFields" element
      • unsetPivotFields

        void unsetPivotFields()
        Unsets the "pivotFields" element
      • getRowFields

        CTRowFields getRowFields()
        Gets the "rowFields" element
      • isSetRowFields

        boolean isSetRowFields()
        True if has "rowFields" element
      • setRowFields

        void setRowFields​(CTRowFields rowFields)
        Sets the "rowFields" element
      • addNewRowFields

        CTRowFields addNewRowFields()
        Appends and returns a new empty "rowFields" element
      • unsetRowFields

        void unsetRowFields()
        Unsets the "rowFields" element
      • getRowItems

        CTRowItems getRowItems()
        Gets the "rowItems" element
      • isSetRowItems

        boolean isSetRowItems()
        True if has "rowItems" element
      • setRowItems

        void setRowItems​(CTRowItems rowItems)
        Sets the "rowItems" element
      • addNewRowItems

        CTRowItems addNewRowItems()
        Appends and returns a new empty "rowItems" element
      • unsetRowItems

        void unsetRowItems()
        Unsets the "rowItems" element
      • getColFields

        CTColFields getColFields()
        Gets the "colFields" element
      • isSetColFields

        boolean isSetColFields()
        True if has "colFields" element
      • setColFields

        void setColFields​(CTColFields colFields)
        Sets the "colFields" element
      • addNewColFields

        CTColFields addNewColFields()
        Appends and returns a new empty "colFields" element
      • unsetColFields

        void unsetColFields()
        Unsets the "colFields" element
      • getColItems

        CTColItems getColItems()
        Gets the "colItems" element
      • isSetColItems

        boolean isSetColItems()
        True if has "colItems" element
      • setColItems

        void setColItems​(CTColItems colItems)
        Sets the "colItems" element
      • addNewColItems

        CTColItems addNewColItems()
        Appends and returns a new empty "colItems" element
      • unsetColItems

        void unsetColItems()
        Unsets the "colItems" element
      • getPageFields

        CTPageFields getPageFields()
        Gets the "pageFields" element
      • isSetPageFields

        boolean isSetPageFields()
        True if has "pageFields" element
      • setPageFields

        void setPageFields​(CTPageFields pageFields)
        Sets the "pageFields" element
      • addNewPageFields

        CTPageFields addNewPageFields()
        Appends and returns a new empty "pageFields" element
      • unsetPageFields

        void unsetPageFields()
        Unsets the "pageFields" element
      • getDataFields

        CTDataFields getDataFields()
        Gets the "dataFields" element
      • isSetDataFields

        boolean isSetDataFields()
        True if has "dataFields" element
      • setDataFields

        void setDataFields​(CTDataFields dataFields)
        Sets the "dataFields" element
      • addNewDataFields

        CTDataFields addNewDataFields()
        Appends and returns a new empty "dataFields" element
      • unsetDataFields

        void unsetDataFields()
        Unsets the "dataFields" element
      • getFormats

        CTFormats getFormats()
        Gets the "formats" element
      • isSetFormats

        boolean isSetFormats()
        True if has "formats" element
      • setFormats

        void setFormats​(CTFormats formats)
        Sets the "formats" element
      • addNewFormats

        CTFormats addNewFormats()
        Appends and returns a new empty "formats" element
      • unsetFormats

        void unsetFormats()
        Unsets the "formats" element
      • getConditionalFormats

        CTConditionalFormats getConditionalFormats()
        Gets the "conditionalFormats" element
      • isSetConditionalFormats

        boolean isSetConditionalFormats()
        True if has "conditionalFormats" element
      • setConditionalFormats

        void setConditionalFormats​(CTConditionalFormats conditionalFormats)
        Sets the "conditionalFormats" element
      • addNewConditionalFormats

        CTConditionalFormats addNewConditionalFormats()
        Appends and returns a new empty "conditionalFormats" element
      • unsetConditionalFormats

        void unsetConditionalFormats()
        Unsets the "conditionalFormats" element
      • getChartFormats

        CTChartFormats getChartFormats()
        Gets the "chartFormats" element
      • isSetChartFormats

        boolean isSetChartFormats()
        True if has "chartFormats" element
      • setChartFormats

        void setChartFormats​(CTChartFormats chartFormats)
        Sets the "chartFormats" element
      • addNewChartFormats

        CTChartFormats addNewChartFormats()
        Appends and returns a new empty "chartFormats" element
      • unsetChartFormats

        void unsetChartFormats()
        Unsets the "chartFormats" element
      • getPivotHierarchies

        CTPivotHierarchies getPivotHierarchies()
        Gets the "pivotHierarchies" element
      • isSetPivotHierarchies

        boolean isSetPivotHierarchies()
        True if has "pivotHierarchies" element
      • setPivotHierarchies

        void setPivotHierarchies​(CTPivotHierarchies pivotHierarchies)
        Sets the "pivotHierarchies" element
      • addNewPivotHierarchies

        CTPivotHierarchies addNewPivotHierarchies()
        Appends and returns a new empty "pivotHierarchies" element
      • unsetPivotHierarchies

        void unsetPivotHierarchies()
        Unsets the "pivotHierarchies" element
      • getPivotTableStyleInfo

        CTPivotTableStyle getPivotTableStyleInfo()
        Gets the "pivotTableStyleInfo" element
      • isSetPivotTableStyleInfo

        boolean isSetPivotTableStyleInfo()
        True if has "pivotTableStyleInfo" element
      • setPivotTableStyleInfo

        void setPivotTableStyleInfo​(CTPivotTableStyle pivotTableStyleInfo)
        Sets the "pivotTableStyleInfo" element
      • addNewPivotTableStyleInfo

        CTPivotTableStyle addNewPivotTableStyleInfo()
        Appends and returns a new empty "pivotTableStyleInfo" element
      • unsetPivotTableStyleInfo

        void unsetPivotTableStyleInfo()
        Unsets the "pivotTableStyleInfo" element
      • isSetFilters

        boolean isSetFilters()
        True if has "filters" element
      • setFilters

        void setFilters​(CTPivotFilters filters)
        Sets the "filters" element
      • addNewFilters

        CTPivotFilters addNewFilters()
        Appends and returns a new empty "filters" element
      • unsetFilters

        void unsetFilters()
        Unsets the "filters" element
      • getRowHierarchiesUsage

        CTRowHierarchiesUsage getRowHierarchiesUsage()
        Gets the "rowHierarchiesUsage" element
      • isSetRowHierarchiesUsage

        boolean isSetRowHierarchiesUsage()
        True if has "rowHierarchiesUsage" element
      • setRowHierarchiesUsage

        void setRowHierarchiesUsage​(CTRowHierarchiesUsage rowHierarchiesUsage)
        Sets the "rowHierarchiesUsage" element
      • addNewRowHierarchiesUsage

        CTRowHierarchiesUsage addNewRowHierarchiesUsage()
        Appends and returns a new empty "rowHierarchiesUsage" element
      • unsetRowHierarchiesUsage

        void unsetRowHierarchiesUsage()
        Unsets the "rowHierarchiesUsage" element
      • getColHierarchiesUsage

        CTColHierarchiesUsage getColHierarchiesUsage()
        Gets the "colHierarchiesUsage" element
      • isSetColHierarchiesUsage

        boolean isSetColHierarchiesUsage()
        True if has "colHierarchiesUsage" element
      • setColHierarchiesUsage

        void setColHierarchiesUsage​(CTColHierarchiesUsage colHierarchiesUsage)
        Sets the "colHierarchiesUsage" element
      • addNewColHierarchiesUsage

        CTColHierarchiesUsage addNewColHierarchiesUsage()
        Appends and returns a new empty "colHierarchiesUsage" element
      • unsetColHierarchiesUsage

        void unsetColHierarchiesUsage()
        Unsets the "colHierarchiesUsage" element
      • isSetExtLst

        boolean isSetExtLst()
        True if has "extLst" element
      • setExtLst

        void setExtLst​(CTExtensionList extLst)
        Sets the "extLst" element
      • addNewExtLst

        CTExtensionList addNewExtLst()
        Appends and returns a new empty "extLst" element
      • unsetExtLst

        void unsetExtLst()
        Unsets the "extLst" element
      • getName

        String getName()
        Gets the "name" attribute
      • xgetName

        STXstring xgetName()
        Gets (as xml) the "name" attribute
      • setName

        void setName​(String name)
        Sets the "name" attribute
      • xsetName

        void xsetName​(STXstring name)
        Sets (as xml) the "name" attribute
      • getCacheId

        long getCacheId()
        Gets the "cacheId" attribute
      • xgetCacheId

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetCacheId()
        Gets (as xml) the "cacheId" attribute
      • setCacheId

        void setCacheId​(long cacheId)
        Sets the "cacheId" attribute
      • xsetCacheId

        void xsetCacheId​(XmlUnsignedInt cacheId)
        Sets (as xml) the "cacheId" attribute
      • getDataOnRows

        boolean getDataOnRows()
        Gets the "dataOnRows" attribute
      • xgetDataOnRows

        XmlBoolean xgetDataOnRows()
        Gets (as xml) the "dataOnRows" attribute
      • isSetDataOnRows

        boolean isSetDataOnRows()
        True if has "dataOnRows" attribute
      • setDataOnRows

        void setDataOnRows​(boolean dataOnRows)
        Sets the "dataOnRows" attribute
      • xsetDataOnRows

        void xsetDataOnRows​(XmlBoolean dataOnRows)
        Sets (as xml) the "dataOnRows" attribute
      • unsetDataOnRows

        void unsetDataOnRows()
        Unsets the "dataOnRows" attribute
      • getDataPosition

        long getDataPosition()
        Gets the "dataPosition" attribute
      • xgetDataPosition

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetDataPosition()
        Gets (as xml) the "dataPosition" attribute
      • isSetDataPosition

        boolean isSetDataPosition()
        True if has "dataPosition" attribute
      • setDataPosition

        void setDataPosition​(long dataPosition)
        Sets the "dataPosition" attribute
      • xsetDataPosition

        void xsetDataPosition​(XmlUnsignedInt dataPosition)
        Sets (as xml) the "dataPosition" attribute
      • unsetDataPosition

        void unsetDataPosition()
        Unsets the "dataPosition" attribute
      • getAutoFormatId

        long getAutoFormatId()
        Gets the "autoFormatId" attribute
      • xgetAutoFormatId

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetAutoFormatId()
        Gets (as xml) the "autoFormatId" attribute
      • isSetAutoFormatId

        boolean isSetAutoFormatId()
        True if has "autoFormatId" attribute
      • setAutoFormatId

        void setAutoFormatId​(long autoFormatId)
        Sets the "autoFormatId" attribute
      • xsetAutoFormatId

        void xsetAutoFormatId​(XmlUnsignedInt autoFormatId)
        Sets (as xml) the "autoFormatId" attribute
      • unsetAutoFormatId

        void unsetAutoFormatId()
        Unsets the "autoFormatId" attribute
      • getApplyNumberFormats

        boolean getApplyNumberFormats()
        Gets the "applyNumberFormats" attribute
      • xgetApplyNumberFormats

        XmlBoolean xgetApplyNumberFormats()
        Gets (as xml) the "applyNumberFormats" attribute
      • isSetApplyNumberFormats

        boolean isSetApplyNumberFormats()
        True if has "applyNumberFormats" attribute
      • setApplyNumberFormats

        void setApplyNumberFormats​(boolean applyNumberFormats)
        Sets the "applyNumberFormats" attribute
      • xsetApplyNumberFormats

        void xsetApplyNumberFormats​(XmlBoolean applyNumberFormats)
        Sets (as xml) the "applyNumberFormats" attribute
      • unsetApplyNumberFormats

        void unsetApplyNumberFormats()
        Unsets the "applyNumberFormats" attribute
      • getApplyBorderFormats

        boolean getApplyBorderFormats()
        Gets the "applyBorderFormats" attribute
      • xgetApplyBorderFormats

        XmlBoolean xgetApplyBorderFormats()
        Gets (as xml) the "applyBorderFormats" attribute
      • isSetApplyBorderFormats

        boolean isSetApplyBorderFormats()
        True if has "applyBorderFormats" attribute
      • setApplyBorderFormats

        void setApplyBorderFormats​(boolean applyBorderFormats)
        Sets the "applyBorderFormats" attribute
      • xsetApplyBorderFormats

        void xsetApplyBorderFormats​(XmlBoolean applyBorderFormats)
        Sets (as xml) the "applyBorderFormats" attribute
      • unsetApplyBorderFormats

        void unsetApplyBorderFormats()
        Unsets the "applyBorderFormats" attribute
      • getApplyFontFormats

        boolean getApplyFontFormats()
        Gets the "applyFontFormats" attribute
      • xgetApplyFontFormats

        XmlBoolean xgetApplyFontFormats()
        Gets (as xml) the "applyFontFormats" attribute
      • isSetApplyFontFormats

        boolean isSetApplyFontFormats()
        True if has "applyFontFormats" attribute
      • setApplyFontFormats

        void setApplyFontFormats​(boolean applyFontFormats)
        Sets the "applyFontFormats" attribute
      • xsetApplyFontFormats

        void xsetApplyFontFormats​(XmlBoolean applyFontFormats)
        Sets (as xml) the "applyFontFormats" attribute
      • unsetApplyFontFormats

        void unsetApplyFontFormats()
        Unsets the "applyFontFormats" attribute
      • getApplyPatternFormats

        boolean getApplyPatternFormats()
        Gets the "applyPatternFormats" attribute
      • xgetApplyPatternFormats

        XmlBoolean xgetApplyPatternFormats()
        Gets (as xml) the "applyPatternFormats" attribute
      • isSetApplyPatternFormats

        boolean isSetApplyPatternFormats()
        True if has "applyPatternFormats" attribute
      • setApplyPatternFormats

        void setApplyPatternFormats​(boolean applyPatternFormats)
        Sets the "applyPatternFormats" attribute
      • xsetApplyPatternFormats

        void xsetApplyPatternFormats​(XmlBoolean applyPatternFormats)
        Sets (as xml) the "applyPatternFormats" attribute
      • unsetApplyPatternFormats

        void unsetApplyPatternFormats()
        Unsets the "applyPatternFormats" attribute
      • getApplyAlignmentFormats

        boolean getApplyAlignmentFormats()
        Gets the "applyAlignmentFormats" attribute
      • xgetApplyAlignmentFormats

        XmlBoolean xgetApplyAlignmentFormats()
        Gets (as xml) the "applyAlignmentFormats" attribute
      • isSetApplyAlignmentFormats

        boolean isSetApplyAlignmentFormats()
        True if has "applyAlignmentFormats" attribute
      • setApplyAlignmentFormats

        void setApplyAlignmentFormats​(boolean applyAlignmentFormats)
        Sets the "applyAlignmentFormats" attribute
      • xsetApplyAlignmentFormats

        void xsetApplyAlignmentFormats​(XmlBoolean applyAlignmentFormats)
        Sets (as xml) the "applyAlignmentFormats" attribute
      • unsetApplyAlignmentFormats

        void unsetApplyAlignmentFormats()
        Unsets the "applyAlignmentFormats" attribute
      • getApplyWidthHeightFormats

        boolean getApplyWidthHeightFormats()
        Gets the "applyWidthHeightFormats" attribute
      • xgetApplyWidthHeightFormats

        XmlBoolean xgetApplyWidthHeightFormats()
        Gets (as xml) the "applyWidthHeightFormats" attribute
      • isSetApplyWidthHeightFormats

        boolean isSetApplyWidthHeightFormats()
        True if has "applyWidthHeightFormats" attribute
      • setApplyWidthHeightFormats

        void setApplyWidthHeightFormats​(boolean applyWidthHeightFormats)
        Sets the "applyWidthHeightFormats" attribute
      • xsetApplyWidthHeightFormats

        void xsetApplyWidthHeightFormats​(XmlBoolean applyWidthHeightFormats)
        Sets (as xml) the "applyWidthHeightFormats" attribute
      • unsetApplyWidthHeightFormats

        void unsetApplyWidthHeightFormats()
        Unsets the "applyWidthHeightFormats" attribute
      • getDataCaption

        String getDataCaption()
        Gets the "dataCaption" attribute
      • xgetDataCaption

        STXstring xgetDataCaption()
        Gets (as xml) the "dataCaption" attribute
      • setDataCaption

        void setDataCaption​(String dataCaption)
        Sets the "dataCaption" attribute
      • xsetDataCaption

        void xsetDataCaption​(STXstring dataCaption)
        Sets (as xml) the "dataCaption" attribute
      • getGrandTotalCaption

        String getGrandTotalCaption()
        Gets the "grandTotalCaption" attribute
      • xgetGrandTotalCaption

        STXstring xgetGrandTotalCaption()
        Gets (as xml) the "grandTotalCaption" attribute
      • isSetGrandTotalCaption

        boolean isSetGrandTotalCaption()
        True if has "grandTotalCaption" attribute
      • setGrandTotalCaption

        void setGrandTotalCaption​(String grandTotalCaption)
        Sets the "grandTotalCaption" attribute
      • xsetGrandTotalCaption

        void xsetGrandTotalCaption​(STXstring grandTotalCaption)
        Sets (as xml) the "grandTotalCaption" attribute
      • unsetGrandTotalCaption

        void unsetGrandTotalCaption()
        Unsets the "grandTotalCaption" attribute
      • getErrorCaption

        String getErrorCaption()
        Gets the "errorCaption" attribute
      • xgetErrorCaption

        STXstring xgetErrorCaption()
        Gets (as xml) the "errorCaption" attribute
      • isSetErrorCaption

        boolean isSetErrorCaption()
        True if has "errorCaption" attribute
      • setErrorCaption

        void setErrorCaption​(String errorCaption)
        Sets the "errorCaption" attribute
      • xsetErrorCaption

        void xsetErrorCaption​(STXstring errorCaption)
        Sets (as xml) the "errorCaption" attribute
      • unsetErrorCaption

        void unsetErrorCaption()
        Unsets the "errorCaption" attribute
      • getShowError

        boolean getShowError()
        Gets the "showError" attribute
      • xgetShowError

        XmlBoolean xgetShowError()
        Gets (as xml) the "showError" attribute
      • isSetShowError

        boolean isSetShowError()
        True if has "showError" attribute
      • setShowError

        void setShowError​(boolean showError)
        Sets the "showError" attribute
      • xsetShowError

        void xsetShowError​(XmlBoolean showError)
        Sets (as xml) the "showError" attribute
      • unsetShowError

        void unsetShowError()
        Unsets the "showError" attribute
      • getMissingCaption

        String getMissingCaption()
        Gets the "missingCaption" attribute
      • xgetMissingCaption

        STXstring xgetMissingCaption()
        Gets (as xml) the "missingCaption" attribute
      • isSetMissingCaption

        boolean isSetMissingCaption()
        True if has "missingCaption" attribute
      • setMissingCaption

        void setMissingCaption​(String missingCaption)
        Sets the "missingCaption" attribute
      • xsetMissingCaption

        void xsetMissingCaption​(STXstring missingCaption)
        Sets (as xml) the "missingCaption" attribute
      • unsetMissingCaption

        void unsetMissingCaption()
        Unsets the "missingCaption" attribute
      • getShowMissing

        boolean getShowMissing()
        Gets the "showMissing" attribute
      • xgetShowMissing

        XmlBoolean xgetShowMissing()
        Gets (as xml) the "showMissing" attribute
      • isSetShowMissing

        boolean isSetShowMissing()
        True if has "showMissing" attribute
      • setShowMissing

        void setShowMissing​(boolean showMissing)
        Sets the "showMissing" attribute
      • xsetShowMissing

        void xsetShowMissing​(XmlBoolean showMissing)
        Sets (as xml) the "showMissing" attribute
      • unsetShowMissing

        void unsetShowMissing()
        Unsets the "showMissing" attribute
      • getPageStyle

        String getPageStyle()
        Gets the "pageStyle" attribute
      • xgetPageStyle

        STXstring xgetPageStyle()
        Gets (as xml) the "pageStyle" attribute
      • isSetPageStyle

        boolean isSetPageStyle()
        True if has "pageStyle" attribute
      • setPageStyle

        void setPageStyle​(String pageStyle)
        Sets the "pageStyle" attribute
      • xsetPageStyle

        void xsetPageStyle​(STXstring pageStyle)
        Sets (as xml) the "pageStyle" attribute
      • unsetPageStyle

        void unsetPageStyle()
        Unsets the "pageStyle" attribute
      • getPivotTableStyle

        String getPivotTableStyle()
        Gets the "pivotTableStyle" attribute
      • xgetPivotTableStyle

        STXstring xgetPivotTableStyle()
        Gets (as xml) the "pivotTableStyle" attribute
      • isSetPivotTableStyle

        boolean isSetPivotTableStyle()
        True if has "pivotTableStyle" attribute
      • setPivotTableStyle

        void setPivotTableStyle​(String pivotTableStyle)
        Sets the "pivotTableStyle" attribute
      • xsetPivotTableStyle

        void xsetPivotTableStyle​(STXstring pivotTableStyle)
        Sets (as xml) the "pivotTableStyle" attribute
      • unsetPivotTableStyle

        void unsetPivotTableStyle()
        Unsets the "pivotTableStyle" attribute
      • getVacatedStyle

        String getVacatedStyle()
        Gets the "vacatedStyle" attribute
      • xgetVacatedStyle

        STXstring xgetVacatedStyle()
        Gets (as xml) the "vacatedStyle" attribute
      • isSetVacatedStyle

        boolean isSetVacatedStyle()
        True if has "vacatedStyle" attribute
      • setVacatedStyle

        void setVacatedStyle​(String vacatedStyle)
        Sets the "vacatedStyle" attribute
      • xsetVacatedStyle

        void xsetVacatedStyle​(STXstring vacatedStyle)
        Sets (as xml) the "vacatedStyle" attribute
      • unsetVacatedStyle

        void unsetVacatedStyle()
        Unsets the "vacatedStyle" attribute
      • getTag

        String getTag()
        Gets the "tag" attribute
      • xgetTag

        STXstring xgetTag()
        Gets (as xml) the "tag" attribute
      • isSetTag

        boolean isSetTag()
        True if has "tag" attribute
      • setTag

        void setTag​(String tag)
        Sets the "tag" attribute
      • xsetTag

        void xsetTag​(STXstring tag)
        Sets (as xml) the "tag" attribute
      • unsetTag

        void unsetTag()
        Unsets the "tag" attribute
      • getUpdatedVersion

        short getUpdatedVersion()
        Gets the "updatedVersion" attribute
      • xgetUpdatedVersion

        XmlUnsignedByte xgetUpdatedVersion()
        Gets (as xml) the "updatedVersion" attribute
      • isSetUpdatedVersion

        boolean isSetUpdatedVersion()
        True if has "updatedVersion" attribute
      • setUpdatedVersion

        void setUpdatedVersion​(short updatedVersion)
        Sets the "updatedVersion" attribute
      • xsetUpdatedVersion

        void xsetUpdatedVersion​(XmlUnsignedByte updatedVersion)
        Sets (as xml) the "updatedVersion" attribute
      • unsetUpdatedVersion

        void unsetUpdatedVersion()
        Unsets the "updatedVersion" attribute
      • getMinRefreshableVersion

        short getMinRefreshableVersion()
        Gets the "minRefreshableVersion" attribute
      • xgetMinRefreshableVersion

        XmlUnsignedByte xgetMinRefreshableVersion()
        Gets (as xml) the "minRefreshableVersion" attribute
      • isSetMinRefreshableVersion

        boolean isSetMinRefreshableVersion()
        True if has "minRefreshableVersion" attribute
      • setMinRefreshableVersion

        void setMinRefreshableVersion​(short minRefreshableVersion)
        Sets the "minRefreshableVersion" attribute
      • xsetMinRefreshableVersion

        void xsetMinRefreshableVersion​(XmlUnsignedByte minRefreshableVersion)
        Sets (as xml) the "minRefreshableVersion" attribute
      • unsetMinRefreshableVersion

        void unsetMinRefreshableVersion()
        Unsets the "minRefreshableVersion" attribute
      • getAsteriskTotals

        boolean getAsteriskTotals()
        Gets the "asteriskTotals" attribute
      • xgetAsteriskTotals

        XmlBoolean xgetAsteriskTotals()
        Gets (as xml) the "asteriskTotals" attribute
      • isSetAsteriskTotals

        boolean isSetAsteriskTotals()
        True if has "asteriskTotals" attribute
      • setAsteriskTotals

        void setAsteriskTotals​(boolean asteriskTotals)
        Sets the "asteriskTotals" attribute
      • xsetAsteriskTotals

        void xsetAsteriskTotals​(XmlBoolean asteriskTotals)
        Sets (as xml) the "asteriskTotals" attribute
      • unsetAsteriskTotals

        void unsetAsteriskTotals()
        Unsets the "asteriskTotals" attribute
      • getShowItems

        boolean getShowItems()
        Gets the "showItems" attribute
      • xgetShowItems

        XmlBoolean xgetShowItems()
        Gets (as xml) the "showItems" attribute
      • isSetShowItems

        boolean isSetShowItems()
        True if has "showItems" attribute
      • setShowItems

        void setShowItems​(boolean showItems)
        Sets the "showItems" attribute
      • xsetShowItems

        void xsetShowItems​(XmlBoolean showItems)
        Sets (as xml) the "showItems" attribute
      • unsetShowItems

        void unsetShowItems()
        Unsets the "showItems" attribute
      • getEditData

        boolean getEditData()
        Gets the "editData" attribute
      • xgetEditData

        XmlBoolean xgetEditData()
        Gets (as xml) the "editData" attribute
      • isSetEditData

        boolean isSetEditData()
        True if has "editData" attribute
      • setEditData

        void setEditData​(boolean editData)
        Sets the "editData" attribute
      • xsetEditData

        void xsetEditData​(XmlBoolean editData)
        Sets (as xml) the "editData" attribute
      • unsetEditData

        void unsetEditData()
        Unsets the "editData" attribute
      • getDisableFieldList

        boolean getDisableFieldList()
        Gets the "disableFieldList" attribute
      • xgetDisableFieldList

        XmlBoolean xgetDisableFieldList()
        Gets (as xml) the "disableFieldList" attribute
      • isSetDisableFieldList

        boolean isSetDisableFieldList()
        True if has "disableFieldList" attribute
      • setDisableFieldList

        void setDisableFieldList​(boolean disableFieldList)
        Sets the "disableFieldList" attribute
      • xsetDisableFieldList

        void xsetDisableFieldList​(XmlBoolean disableFieldList)
        Sets (as xml) the "disableFieldList" attribute
      • unsetDisableFieldList

        void unsetDisableFieldList()
        Unsets the "disableFieldList" attribute
      • getShowCalcMbrs

        boolean getShowCalcMbrs()
        Gets the "showCalcMbrs" attribute
      • xgetShowCalcMbrs

        XmlBoolean xgetShowCalcMbrs()
        Gets (as xml) the "showCalcMbrs" attribute
      • isSetShowCalcMbrs

        boolean isSetShowCalcMbrs()
        True if has "showCalcMbrs" attribute
      • setShowCalcMbrs

        void setShowCalcMbrs​(boolean showCalcMbrs)
        Sets the "showCalcMbrs" attribute
      • xsetShowCalcMbrs

        void xsetShowCalcMbrs​(XmlBoolean showCalcMbrs)
        Sets (as xml) the "showCalcMbrs" attribute
      • unsetShowCalcMbrs

        void unsetShowCalcMbrs()
        Unsets the "showCalcMbrs" attribute
      • getVisualTotals

        boolean getVisualTotals()
        Gets the "visualTotals" attribute
      • xgetVisualTotals

        XmlBoolean xgetVisualTotals()
        Gets (as xml) the "visualTotals" attribute
      • isSetVisualTotals

        boolean isSetVisualTotals()
        True if has "visualTotals" attribute
      • setVisualTotals

        void setVisualTotals​(boolean visualTotals)
        Sets the "visualTotals" attribute
      • xsetVisualTotals

        void xsetVisualTotals​(XmlBoolean visualTotals)
        Sets (as xml) the "visualTotals" attribute
      • unsetVisualTotals

        void unsetVisualTotals()
        Unsets the "visualTotals" attribute
      • getShowMultipleLabel

        boolean getShowMultipleLabel()
        Gets the "showMultipleLabel" attribute
      • xgetShowMultipleLabel

        XmlBoolean xgetShowMultipleLabel()
        Gets (as xml) the "showMultipleLabel" attribute
      • isSetShowMultipleLabel

        boolean isSetShowMultipleLabel()
        True if has "showMultipleLabel" attribute
      • setShowMultipleLabel

        void setShowMultipleLabel​(boolean showMultipleLabel)
        Sets the "showMultipleLabel" attribute
      • xsetShowMultipleLabel

        void xsetShowMultipleLabel​(XmlBoolean showMultipleLabel)
        Sets (as xml) the "showMultipleLabel" attribute
      • unsetShowMultipleLabel

        void unsetShowMultipleLabel()
        Unsets the "showMultipleLabel" attribute
      • getShowDataDropDown

        boolean getShowDataDropDown()
        Gets the "showDataDropDown" attribute
      • xgetShowDataDropDown

        XmlBoolean xgetShowDataDropDown()
        Gets (as xml) the "showDataDropDown" attribute
      • isSetShowDataDropDown

        boolean isSetShowDataDropDown()
        True if has "showDataDropDown" attribute
      • setShowDataDropDown

        void setShowDataDropDown​(boolean showDataDropDown)
        Sets the "showDataDropDown" attribute
      • xsetShowDataDropDown

        void xsetShowDataDropDown​(XmlBoolean showDataDropDown)
        Sets (as xml) the "showDataDropDown" attribute
      • unsetShowDataDropDown

        void unsetShowDataDropDown()
        Unsets the "showDataDropDown" attribute
      • getShowDrill

        boolean getShowDrill()
        Gets the "showDrill" attribute
      • xgetShowDrill

        XmlBoolean xgetShowDrill()
        Gets (as xml) the "showDrill" attribute
      • isSetShowDrill

        boolean isSetShowDrill()
        True if has "showDrill" attribute
      • setShowDrill

        void setShowDrill​(boolean showDrill)
        Sets the "showDrill" attribute
      • xsetShowDrill

        void xsetShowDrill​(XmlBoolean showDrill)
        Sets (as xml) the "showDrill" attribute
      • unsetShowDrill

        void unsetShowDrill()
        Unsets the "showDrill" attribute
      • getPrintDrill

        boolean getPrintDrill()
        Gets the "printDrill" attribute
      • xgetPrintDrill

        XmlBoolean xgetPrintDrill()
        Gets (as xml) the "printDrill" attribute
      • isSetPrintDrill

        boolean isSetPrintDrill()
        True if has "printDrill" attribute
      • setPrintDrill

        void setPrintDrill​(boolean printDrill)
        Sets the "printDrill" attribute
      • xsetPrintDrill

        void xsetPrintDrill​(XmlBoolean printDrill)
        Sets (as xml) the "printDrill" attribute
      • unsetPrintDrill

        void unsetPrintDrill()
        Unsets the "printDrill" attribute
      • getShowMemberPropertyTips

        boolean getShowMemberPropertyTips()
        Gets the "showMemberPropertyTips" attribute
      • xgetShowMemberPropertyTips

        XmlBoolean xgetShowMemberPropertyTips()
        Gets (as xml) the "showMemberPropertyTips" attribute
      • isSetShowMemberPropertyTips

        boolean isSetShowMemberPropertyTips()
        True if has "showMemberPropertyTips" attribute
      • setShowMemberPropertyTips

        void setShowMemberPropertyTips​(boolean showMemberPropertyTips)
        Sets the "showMemberPropertyTips" attribute
      • xsetShowMemberPropertyTips

        void xsetShowMemberPropertyTips​(XmlBoolean showMemberPropertyTips)
        Sets (as xml) the "showMemberPropertyTips" attribute
      • unsetShowMemberPropertyTips

        void unsetShowMemberPropertyTips()
        Unsets the "showMemberPropertyTips" attribute
      • getShowDataTips

        boolean getShowDataTips()
        Gets the "showDataTips" attribute
      • xgetShowDataTips

        XmlBoolean xgetShowDataTips()
        Gets (as xml) the "showDataTips" attribute
      • isSetShowDataTips

        boolean isSetShowDataTips()
        True if has "showDataTips" attribute
      • setShowDataTips

        void setShowDataTips​(boolean showDataTips)
        Sets the "showDataTips" attribute
      • xsetShowDataTips

        void xsetShowDataTips​(XmlBoolean showDataTips)
        Sets (as xml) the "showDataTips" attribute
      • unsetShowDataTips

        void unsetShowDataTips()
        Unsets the "showDataTips" attribute
      • getEnableWizard

        boolean getEnableWizard()
        Gets the "enableWizard" attribute
      • xgetEnableWizard

        XmlBoolean xgetEnableWizard()
        Gets (as xml) the "enableWizard" attribute
      • isSetEnableWizard

        boolean isSetEnableWizard()
        True if has "enableWizard" attribute
      • setEnableWizard

        void setEnableWizard​(boolean enableWizard)
        Sets the "enableWizard" attribute
      • xsetEnableWizard

        void xsetEnableWizard​(XmlBoolean enableWizard)
        Sets (as xml) the "enableWizard" attribute
      • unsetEnableWizard

        void unsetEnableWizard()
        Unsets the "enableWizard" attribute
      • getEnableDrill

        boolean getEnableDrill()
        Gets the "enableDrill" attribute
      • xgetEnableDrill

        XmlBoolean xgetEnableDrill()
        Gets (as xml) the "enableDrill" attribute
      • isSetEnableDrill

        boolean isSetEnableDrill()
        True if has "enableDrill" attribute
      • setEnableDrill

        void setEnableDrill​(boolean enableDrill)
        Sets the "enableDrill" attribute
      • xsetEnableDrill

        void xsetEnableDrill​(XmlBoolean enableDrill)
        Sets (as xml) the "enableDrill" attribute
      • unsetEnableDrill

        void unsetEnableDrill()
        Unsets the "enableDrill" attribute
      • getEnableFieldProperties

        boolean getEnableFieldProperties()
        Gets the "enableFieldProperties" attribute
      • xgetEnableFieldProperties

        XmlBoolean xgetEnableFieldProperties()
        Gets (as xml) the "enableFieldProperties" attribute
      • isSetEnableFieldProperties

        boolean isSetEnableFieldProperties()
        True if has "enableFieldProperties" attribute
      • setEnableFieldProperties

        void setEnableFieldProperties​(boolean enableFieldProperties)
        Sets the "enableFieldProperties" attribute
      • xsetEnableFieldProperties

        void xsetEnableFieldProperties​(XmlBoolean enableFieldProperties)
        Sets (as xml) the "enableFieldProperties" attribute
      • unsetEnableFieldProperties

        void unsetEnableFieldProperties()
        Unsets the "enableFieldProperties" attribute
      • getPreserveFormatting

        boolean getPreserveFormatting()
        Gets the "preserveFormatting" attribute
      • xgetPreserveFormatting

        XmlBoolean xgetPreserveFormatting()
        Gets (as xml) the "preserveFormatting" attribute
      • isSetPreserveFormatting

        boolean isSetPreserveFormatting()
        True if has "preserveFormatting" attribute
      • setPreserveFormatting

        void setPreserveFormatting​(boolean preserveFormatting)
        Sets the "preserveFormatting" attribute
      • xsetPreserveFormatting

        void xsetPreserveFormatting​(XmlBoolean preserveFormatting)
        Sets (as xml) the "preserveFormatting" attribute
      • unsetPreserveFormatting

        void unsetPreserveFormatting()
        Unsets the "preserveFormatting" attribute
      • getUseAutoFormatting

        boolean getUseAutoFormatting()
        Gets the "useAutoFormatting" attribute
      • xgetUseAutoFormatting

        XmlBoolean xgetUseAutoFormatting()
        Gets (as xml) the "useAutoFormatting" attribute
      • isSetUseAutoFormatting

        boolean isSetUseAutoFormatting()
        True if has "useAutoFormatting" attribute
      • setUseAutoFormatting

        void setUseAutoFormatting​(boolean useAutoFormatting)
        Sets the "useAutoFormatting" attribute
      • xsetUseAutoFormatting

        void xsetUseAutoFormatting​(XmlBoolean useAutoFormatting)
        Sets (as xml) the "useAutoFormatting" attribute
      • unsetUseAutoFormatting

        void unsetUseAutoFormatting()
        Unsets the "useAutoFormatting" attribute
      • getPageWrap

        long getPageWrap()
        Gets the "pageWrap" attribute
      • xgetPageWrap

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetPageWrap()
        Gets (as xml) the "pageWrap" attribute
      • isSetPageWrap

        boolean isSetPageWrap()
        True if has "pageWrap" attribute
      • setPageWrap

        void setPageWrap​(long pageWrap)
        Sets the "pageWrap" attribute
      • xsetPageWrap

        void xsetPageWrap​(XmlUnsignedInt pageWrap)
        Sets (as xml) the "pageWrap" attribute
      • unsetPageWrap

        void unsetPageWrap()
        Unsets the "pageWrap" attribute
      • getPageOverThenDown

        boolean getPageOverThenDown()
        Gets the "pageOverThenDown" attribute
      • xgetPageOverThenDown

        XmlBoolean xgetPageOverThenDown()
        Gets (as xml) the "pageOverThenDown" attribute
      • isSetPageOverThenDown

        boolean isSetPageOverThenDown()
        True if has "pageOverThenDown" attribute
      • setPageOverThenDown

        void setPageOverThenDown​(boolean pageOverThenDown)
        Sets the "pageOverThenDown" attribute
      • xsetPageOverThenDown

        void xsetPageOverThenDown​(XmlBoolean pageOverThenDown)
        Sets (as xml) the "pageOverThenDown" attribute
      • unsetPageOverThenDown

        void unsetPageOverThenDown()
        Unsets the "pageOverThenDown" attribute
      • getSubtotalHiddenItems

        boolean getSubtotalHiddenItems()
        Gets the "subtotalHiddenItems" attribute
      • xgetSubtotalHiddenItems

        XmlBoolean xgetSubtotalHiddenItems()
        Gets (as xml) the "subtotalHiddenItems" attribute
      • isSetSubtotalHiddenItems

        boolean isSetSubtotalHiddenItems()
        True if has "subtotalHiddenItems" attribute
      • setSubtotalHiddenItems

        void setSubtotalHiddenItems​(boolean subtotalHiddenItems)
        Sets the "subtotalHiddenItems" attribute
      • xsetSubtotalHiddenItems

        void xsetSubtotalHiddenItems​(XmlBoolean subtotalHiddenItems)
        Sets (as xml) the "subtotalHiddenItems" attribute
      • unsetSubtotalHiddenItems

        void unsetSubtotalHiddenItems()
        Unsets the "subtotalHiddenItems" attribute
      • getRowGrandTotals

        boolean getRowGrandTotals()
        Gets the "rowGrandTotals" attribute
      • xgetRowGrandTotals

        XmlBoolean xgetRowGrandTotals()
        Gets (as xml) the "rowGrandTotals" attribute
      • isSetRowGrandTotals

        boolean isSetRowGrandTotals()
        True if has "rowGrandTotals" attribute
      • setRowGrandTotals

        void setRowGrandTotals​(boolean rowGrandTotals)
        Sets the "rowGrandTotals" attribute
      • xsetRowGrandTotals

        void xsetRowGrandTotals​(XmlBoolean rowGrandTotals)
        Sets (as xml) the "rowGrandTotals" attribute
      • unsetRowGrandTotals

        void unsetRowGrandTotals()
        Unsets the "rowGrandTotals" attribute
      • getColGrandTotals

        boolean getColGrandTotals()
        Gets the "colGrandTotals" attribute
      • xgetColGrandTotals

        XmlBoolean xgetColGrandTotals()
        Gets (as xml) the "colGrandTotals" attribute
      • isSetColGrandTotals

        boolean isSetColGrandTotals()
        True if has "colGrandTotals" attribute
      • setColGrandTotals

        void setColGrandTotals​(boolean colGrandTotals)
        Sets the "colGrandTotals" attribute
      • xsetColGrandTotals

        void xsetColGrandTotals​(XmlBoolean colGrandTotals)
        Sets (as xml) the "colGrandTotals" attribute
      • unsetColGrandTotals

        void unsetColGrandTotals()
        Unsets the "colGrandTotals" attribute
      • getFieldPrintTitles

        boolean getFieldPrintTitles()
        Gets the "fieldPrintTitles" attribute
      • xgetFieldPrintTitles

        XmlBoolean xgetFieldPrintTitles()
        Gets (as xml) the "fieldPrintTitles" attribute
      • isSetFieldPrintTitles

        boolean isSetFieldPrintTitles()
        True if has "fieldPrintTitles" attribute
      • setFieldPrintTitles

        void setFieldPrintTitles​(boolean fieldPrintTitles)
        Sets the "fieldPrintTitles" attribute
      • xsetFieldPrintTitles

        void xsetFieldPrintTitles​(XmlBoolean fieldPrintTitles)
        Sets (as xml) the "fieldPrintTitles" attribute
      • unsetFieldPrintTitles

        void unsetFieldPrintTitles()
        Unsets the "fieldPrintTitles" attribute
      • getItemPrintTitles

        boolean getItemPrintTitles()
        Gets the "itemPrintTitles" attribute
      • xgetItemPrintTitles

        XmlBoolean xgetItemPrintTitles()
        Gets (as xml) the "itemPrintTitles" attribute
      • isSetItemPrintTitles

        boolean isSetItemPrintTitles()
        True if has "itemPrintTitles" attribute
      • setItemPrintTitles

        void setItemPrintTitles​(boolean itemPrintTitles)
        Sets the "itemPrintTitles" attribute
      • xsetItemPrintTitles

        void xsetItemPrintTitles​(XmlBoolean itemPrintTitles)
        Sets (as xml) the "itemPrintTitles" attribute
      • unsetItemPrintTitles

        void unsetItemPrintTitles()
        Unsets the "itemPrintTitles" attribute
      • getMergeItem

        boolean getMergeItem()
        Gets the "mergeItem" attribute
      • xgetMergeItem

        XmlBoolean xgetMergeItem()
        Gets (as xml) the "mergeItem" attribute
      • isSetMergeItem

        boolean isSetMergeItem()
        True if has "mergeItem" attribute
      • setMergeItem

        void setMergeItem​(boolean mergeItem)
        Sets the "mergeItem" attribute
      • xsetMergeItem

        void xsetMergeItem​(XmlBoolean mergeItem)
        Sets (as xml) the "mergeItem" attribute
      • unsetMergeItem

        void unsetMergeItem()
        Unsets the "mergeItem" attribute
      • getShowDropZones

        boolean getShowDropZones()
        Gets the "showDropZones" attribute
      • xgetShowDropZones

        XmlBoolean xgetShowDropZones()
        Gets (as xml) the "showDropZones" attribute
      • isSetShowDropZones

        boolean isSetShowDropZones()
        True if has "showDropZones" attribute
      • setShowDropZones

        void setShowDropZones​(boolean showDropZones)
        Sets the "showDropZones" attribute
      • xsetShowDropZones

        void xsetShowDropZones​(XmlBoolean showDropZones)
        Sets (as xml) the "showDropZones" attribute
      • unsetShowDropZones

        void unsetShowDropZones()
        Unsets the "showDropZones" attribute
      • getCreatedVersion

        short getCreatedVersion()
        Gets the "createdVersion" attribute
      • xgetCreatedVersion

        XmlUnsignedByte xgetCreatedVersion()
        Gets (as xml) the "createdVersion" attribute
      • isSetCreatedVersion

        boolean isSetCreatedVersion()
        True if has "createdVersion" attribute
      • setCreatedVersion

        void setCreatedVersion​(short createdVersion)
        Sets the "createdVersion" attribute
      • xsetCreatedVersion

        void xsetCreatedVersion​(XmlUnsignedByte createdVersion)
        Sets (as xml) the "createdVersion" attribute
      • unsetCreatedVersion

        void unsetCreatedVersion()
        Unsets the "createdVersion" attribute
      • getIndent

        long getIndent()
        Gets the "indent" attribute
      • xgetIndent

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetIndent()
        Gets (as xml) the "indent" attribute
      • isSetIndent

        boolean isSetIndent()
        True if has "indent" attribute
      • setIndent

        void setIndent​(long indent)
        Sets the "indent" attribute
      • xsetIndent

        void xsetIndent​(XmlUnsignedInt indent)
        Sets (as xml) the "indent" attribute
      • unsetIndent

        void unsetIndent()
        Unsets the "indent" attribute
      • getShowEmptyRow

        boolean getShowEmptyRow()
        Gets the "showEmptyRow" attribute
      • xgetShowEmptyRow

        XmlBoolean xgetShowEmptyRow()
        Gets (as xml) the "showEmptyRow" attribute
      • isSetShowEmptyRow

        boolean isSetShowEmptyRow()
        True if has "showEmptyRow" attribute
      • setShowEmptyRow

        void setShowEmptyRow​(boolean showEmptyRow)
        Sets the "showEmptyRow" attribute
      • xsetShowEmptyRow

        void xsetShowEmptyRow​(XmlBoolean showEmptyRow)
        Sets (as xml) the "showEmptyRow" attribute
      • unsetShowEmptyRow

        void unsetShowEmptyRow()
        Unsets the "showEmptyRow" attribute
      • getShowEmptyCol

        boolean getShowEmptyCol()
        Gets the "showEmptyCol" attribute
      • xgetShowEmptyCol

        XmlBoolean xgetShowEmptyCol()
        Gets (as xml) the "showEmptyCol" attribute
      • isSetShowEmptyCol

        boolean isSetShowEmptyCol()
        True if has "showEmptyCol" attribute
      • setShowEmptyCol

        void setShowEmptyCol​(boolean showEmptyCol)
        Sets the "showEmptyCol" attribute
      • xsetShowEmptyCol

        void xsetShowEmptyCol​(XmlBoolean showEmptyCol)
        Sets (as xml) the "showEmptyCol" attribute
      • unsetShowEmptyCol

        void unsetShowEmptyCol()
        Unsets the "showEmptyCol" attribute
      • getShowHeaders

        boolean getShowHeaders()
        Gets the "showHeaders" attribute
      • xgetShowHeaders

        XmlBoolean xgetShowHeaders()
        Gets (as xml) the "showHeaders" attribute
      • isSetShowHeaders

        boolean isSetShowHeaders()
        True if has "showHeaders" attribute
      • setShowHeaders

        void setShowHeaders​(boolean showHeaders)
        Sets the "showHeaders" attribute
      • xsetShowHeaders

        void xsetShowHeaders​(XmlBoolean showHeaders)
        Sets (as xml) the "showHeaders" attribute
      • unsetShowHeaders

        void unsetShowHeaders()
        Unsets the "showHeaders" attribute
      • getCompact

        boolean getCompact()
        Gets the "compact" attribute
      • xgetCompact

        XmlBoolean xgetCompact()
        Gets (as xml) the "compact" attribute
      • isSetCompact

        boolean isSetCompact()
        True if has "compact" attribute
      • setCompact

        void setCompact​(boolean compact)
        Sets the "compact" attribute
      • xsetCompact

        void xsetCompact​(XmlBoolean compact)
        Sets (as xml) the "compact" attribute
      • unsetCompact

        void unsetCompact()
        Unsets the "compact" attribute
      • getOutline

        boolean getOutline()
        Gets the "outline" attribute
      • xgetOutline

        XmlBoolean xgetOutline()
        Gets (as xml) the "outline" attribute
      • isSetOutline

        boolean isSetOutline()
        True if has "outline" attribute
      • setOutline

        void setOutline​(boolean outline)
        Sets the "outline" attribute
      • xsetOutline

        void xsetOutline​(XmlBoolean outline)
        Sets (as xml) the "outline" attribute
      • unsetOutline

        void unsetOutline()
        Unsets the "outline" attribute
      • getOutlineData

        boolean getOutlineData()
        Gets the "outlineData" attribute
      • xgetOutlineData

        XmlBoolean xgetOutlineData()
        Gets (as xml) the "outlineData" attribute
      • isSetOutlineData

        boolean isSetOutlineData()
        True if has "outlineData" attribute
      • setOutlineData

        void setOutlineData​(boolean outlineData)
        Sets the "outlineData" attribute
      • xsetOutlineData

        void xsetOutlineData​(XmlBoolean outlineData)
        Sets (as xml) the "outlineData" attribute
      • unsetOutlineData

        void unsetOutlineData()
        Unsets the "outlineData" attribute
      • getCompactData

        boolean getCompactData()
        Gets the "compactData" attribute
      • xgetCompactData

        XmlBoolean xgetCompactData()
        Gets (as xml) the "compactData" attribute
      • isSetCompactData

        boolean isSetCompactData()
        True if has "compactData" attribute
      • setCompactData

        void setCompactData​(boolean compactData)
        Sets the "compactData" attribute
      • xsetCompactData

        void xsetCompactData​(XmlBoolean compactData)
        Sets (as xml) the "compactData" attribute
      • unsetCompactData

        void unsetCompactData()
        Unsets the "compactData" attribute
      • getPublished

        boolean getPublished()
        Gets the "published" attribute
      • xgetPublished

        XmlBoolean xgetPublished()
        Gets (as xml) the "published" attribute
      • isSetPublished

        boolean isSetPublished()
        True if has "published" attribute
      • setPublished

        void setPublished​(boolean published)
        Sets the "published" attribute
      • xsetPublished

        void xsetPublished​(XmlBoolean published)
        Sets (as xml) the "published" attribute
      • unsetPublished

        void unsetPublished()
        Unsets the "published" attribute
      • getGridDropZones

        boolean getGridDropZones()
        Gets the "gridDropZones" attribute
      • xgetGridDropZones

        XmlBoolean xgetGridDropZones()
        Gets (as xml) the "gridDropZones" attribute
      • isSetGridDropZones

        boolean isSetGridDropZones()
        True if has "gridDropZones" attribute
      • setGridDropZones

        void setGridDropZones​(boolean gridDropZones)
        Sets the "gridDropZones" attribute
      • xsetGridDropZones

        void xsetGridDropZones​(XmlBoolean gridDropZones)
        Sets (as xml) the "gridDropZones" attribute
      • unsetGridDropZones

        void unsetGridDropZones()
        Unsets the "gridDropZones" attribute
      • getImmersive

        boolean getImmersive()
        Gets the "immersive" attribute
      • xgetImmersive

        XmlBoolean xgetImmersive()
        Gets (as xml) the "immersive" attribute
      • isSetImmersive

        boolean isSetImmersive()
        True if has "immersive" attribute
      • setImmersive

        void setImmersive​(boolean immersive)
        Sets the "immersive" attribute
      • xsetImmersive

        void xsetImmersive​(XmlBoolean immersive)
        Sets (as xml) the "immersive" attribute
      • unsetImmersive

        void unsetImmersive()
        Unsets the "immersive" attribute
      • getMultipleFieldFilters

        boolean getMultipleFieldFilters()
        Gets the "multipleFieldFilters" attribute
      • xgetMultipleFieldFilters

        XmlBoolean xgetMultipleFieldFilters()
        Gets (as xml) the "multipleFieldFilters" attribute
      • isSetMultipleFieldFilters

        boolean isSetMultipleFieldFilters()
        True if has "multipleFieldFilters" attribute
      • setMultipleFieldFilters

        void setMultipleFieldFilters​(boolean multipleFieldFilters)
        Sets the "multipleFieldFilters" attribute
      • xsetMultipleFieldFilters

        void xsetMultipleFieldFilters​(XmlBoolean multipleFieldFilters)
        Sets (as xml) the "multipleFieldFilters" attribute
      • unsetMultipleFieldFilters

        void unsetMultipleFieldFilters()
        Unsets the "multipleFieldFilters" attribute
      • getChartFormat

        long getChartFormat()
        Gets the "chartFormat" attribute
      • xgetChartFormat

        XmlUnsignedInt xgetChartFormat()
        Gets (as xml) the "chartFormat" attribute
      • isSetChartFormat

        boolean isSetChartFormat()
        True if has "chartFormat" attribute
      • setChartFormat

        void setChartFormat​(long chartFormat)
        Sets the "chartFormat" attribute
      • xsetChartFormat

        void xsetChartFormat​(XmlUnsignedInt chartFormat)
        Sets (as xml) the "chartFormat" attribute
      • unsetChartFormat

        void unsetChartFormat()
        Unsets the "chartFormat" attribute
      • getRowHeaderCaption

        String getRowHeaderCaption()
        Gets the "rowHeaderCaption" attribute
      • xgetRowHeaderCaption

        STXstring xgetRowHeaderCaption()
        Gets (as xml) the "rowHeaderCaption" attribute
      • isSetRowHeaderCaption

        boolean isSetRowHeaderCaption()
        True if has "rowHeaderCaption" attribute
      • setRowHeaderCaption

        void setRowHeaderCaption​(String rowHeaderCaption)
        Sets the "rowHeaderCaption" attribute
      • xsetRowHeaderCaption

        void xsetRowHeaderCaption​(STXstring rowHeaderCaption)
        Sets (as xml) the "rowHeaderCaption" attribute
      • unsetRowHeaderCaption

        void unsetRowHeaderCaption()
        Unsets the "rowHeaderCaption" attribute
      • getColHeaderCaption

        String getColHeaderCaption()
        Gets the "colHeaderCaption" attribute
      • xgetColHeaderCaption

        STXstring xgetColHeaderCaption()
        Gets (as xml) the "colHeaderCaption" attribute
      • isSetColHeaderCaption

        boolean isSetColHeaderCaption()
        True if has "colHeaderCaption" attribute
      • setColHeaderCaption

        void setColHeaderCaption​(String colHeaderCaption)
        Sets the "colHeaderCaption" attribute
      • xsetColHeaderCaption

        void xsetColHeaderCaption​(STXstring colHeaderCaption)
        Sets (as xml) the "colHeaderCaption" attribute
      • unsetColHeaderCaption

        void unsetColHeaderCaption()
        Unsets the "colHeaderCaption" attribute
      • getFieldListSortAscending

        boolean getFieldListSortAscending()
        Gets the "fieldListSortAscending" attribute
      • xgetFieldListSortAscending

        XmlBoolean xgetFieldListSortAscending()
        Gets (as xml) the "fieldListSortAscending" attribute
      • isSetFieldListSortAscending

        boolean isSetFieldListSortAscending()
        True if has "fieldListSortAscending" attribute
      • setFieldListSortAscending

        void setFieldListSortAscending​(boolean fieldListSortAscending)
        Sets the "fieldListSortAscending" attribute
      • xsetFieldListSortAscending

        void xsetFieldListSortAscending​(XmlBoolean fieldListSortAscending)
        Sets (as xml) the "fieldListSortAscending" attribute
      • unsetFieldListSortAscending

        void unsetFieldListSortAscending()
        Unsets the "fieldListSortAscending" attribute
      • getMdxSubqueries

        boolean getMdxSubqueries()
        Gets the "mdxSubqueries" attribute
      • xgetMdxSubqueries

        XmlBoolean xgetMdxSubqueries()
        Gets (as xml) the "mdxSubqueries" attribute
      • isSetMdxSubqueries

        boolean isSetMdxSubqueries()
        True if has "mdxSubqueries" attribute
      • setMdxSubqueries

        void setMdxSubqueries​(boolean mdxSubqueries)
        Sets the "mdxSubqueries" attribute
      • xsetMdxSubqueries

        void xsetMdxSubqueries​(XmlBoolean mdxSubqueries)
        Sets (as xml) the "mdxSubqueries" attribute
      • unsetMdxSubqueries

        void unsetMdxSubqueries()
        Unsets the "mdxSubqueries" attribute
      • getCustomListSort

        boolean getCustomListSort()
        Gets the "customListSort" attribute
      • xgetCustomListSort

        XmlBoolean xgetCustomListSort()
        Gets (as xml) the "customListSort" attribute
      • isSetCustomListSort

        boolean isSetCustomListSort()
        True if has "customListSort" attribute
      • setCustomListSort

        void setCustomListSort​(boolean customListSort)
        Sets the "customListSort" attribute
      • xsetCustomListSort

        void xsetCustomListSort​(XmlBoolean customListSort)
        Sets (as xml) the "customListSort" attribute
      • unsetCustomListSort

        void unsetCustomListSort()
        Unsets the "customListSort" attribute