Interface CTCaption

  • All Superinterfaces:
    XmlObject, XmlTokenSource

    public interface CTCaption
    extends XmlObject
    An XML CT_Caption(@ This is a complex type.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()
        Gets the "name" attribute
      • xgetName

        STString xgetName()
        Gets (as xml) the "name" attribute
      • setName

        void setName​(String name)
        Sets the "name" attribute
      • xsetName

        void xsetName​(STString name)
        Sets (as xml) the "name" attribute
      • xgetPos

        STCaptionPos xgetPos()
        Gets (as xml) the "pos" attribute
      • isSetPos

        boolean isSetPos()
        True if has "pos" attribute
      • xsetPos

        void xsetPos​(STCaptionPos pos)
        Sets (as xml) the "pos" attribute
      • unsetPos

        void unsetPos()
        Unsets the "pos" attribute
      • getChapNum

        STOnOff.Enum getChapNum()
        Gets the "chapNum" attribute
      • xgetChapNum

        STOnOff xgetChapNum()
        Gets (as xml) the "chapNum" attribute
      • isSetChapNum

        boolean isSetChapNum()
        True if has "chapNum" attribute
      • setChapNum

        void setChapNum​(STOnOff.Enum chapNum)
        Sets the "chapNum" attribute
      • xsetChapNum

        void xsetChapNum​(STOnOff chapNum)
        Sets (as xml) the "chapNum" attribute
      • unsetChapNum

        void unsetChapNum()
        Unsets the "chapNum" attribute
      • getHeading

        BigInteger getHeading()
        Gets the "heading" attribute
      • xgetHeading

        STDecimalNumber xgetHeading()
        Gets (as xml) the "heading" attribute
      • isSetHeading

        boolean isSetHeading()
        True if has "heading" attribute
      • setHeading

        void setHeading​(BigInteger heading)
        Sets the "heading" attribute
      • xsetHeading

        void xsetHeading​(STDecimalNumber heading)
        Sets (as xml) the "heading" attribute
      • unsetHeading

        void unsetHeading()
        Unsets the "heading" attribute
      • getNoLabel

        STOnOff.Enum getNoLabel()
        Gets the "noLabel" attribute
      • xgetNoLabel

        STOnOff xgetNoLabel()
        Gets (as xml) the "noLabel" attribute
      • isSetNoLabel

        boolean isSetNoLabel()
        True if has "noLabel" attribute
      • setNoLabel

        void setNoLabel​(STOnOff.Enum noLabel)
        Sets the "noLabel" attribute
      • xsetNoLabel

        void xsetNoLabel​(STOnOff noLabel)
        Sets (as xml) the "noLabel" attribute
      • unsetNoLabel

        void unsetNoLabel()
        Unsets the "noLabel" attribute
      • xgetNumFmt

        STNumberFormat xgetNumFmt()
        Gets (as xml) the "numFmt" attribute
      • isSetNumFmt

        boolean isSetNumFmt()
        True if has "numFmt" attribute
      • xsetNumFmt

        void xsetNumFmt​(STNumberFormat numFmt)
        Sets (as xml) the "numFmt" attribute
      • unsetNumFmt

        void unsetNumFmt()
        Unsets the "numFmt" attribute
      • xgetSep

        STChapterSep xgetSep()
        Gets (as xml) the "sep" attribute
      • isSetSep

        boolean isSetSep()
        True if has "sep" attribute
      • xsetSep

        void xsetSep​(STChapterSep sep)
        Sets (as xml) the "sep" attribute
      • unsetSep

        void unsetSep()
        Unsets the "sep" attribute