Interface CTPPrBase

  • All Superinterfaces:
    XmlObject, XmlTokenSource
    All Known Subinterfaces:

    public interface CTPPrBase
    extends XmlObject
    An XML CT_PPrBase(@ This is a complex type.
    • Method Detail

      • getPStyle

        CTString getPStyle()
        Gets the "pStyle" element
      • isSetPStyle

        boolean isSetPStyle()
        True if has "pStyle" element
      • setPStyle

        void setPStyle​(CTString pStyle)
        Sets the "pStyle" element
      • addNewPStyle

        CTString addNewPStyle()
        Appends and returns a new empty "pStyle" element
      • unsetPStyle

        void unsetPStyle()
        Unsets the "pStyle" element
      • getKeepNext

        CTOnOff getKeepNext()
        Gets the "keepNext" element
      • isSetKeepNext

        boolean isSetKeepNext()
        True if has "keepNext" element
      • setKeepNext

        void setKeepNext​(CTOnOff keepNext)
        Sets the "keepNext" element
      • addNewKeepNext

        CTOnOff addNewKeepNext()
        Appends and returns a new empty "keepNext" element
      • unsetKeepNext

        void unsetKeepNext()
        Unsets the "keepNext" element
      • getKeepLines

        CTOnOff getKeepLines()
        Gets the "keepLines" element
      • isSetKeepLines

        boolean isSetKeepLines()
        True if has "keepLines" element
      • setKeepLines

        void setKeepLines​(CTOnOff keepLines)
        Sets the "keepLines" element
      • addNewKeepLines

        CTOnOff addNewKeepLines()
        Appends and returns a new empty "keepLines" element
      • unsetKeepLines

        void unsetKeepLines()
        Unsets the "keepLines" element
      • getPageBreakBefore

        CTOnOff getPageBreakBefore()
        Gets the "pageBreakBefore" element
      • isSetPageBreakBefore

        boolean isSetPageBreakBefore()
        True if has "pageBreakBefore" element
      • setPageBreakBefore

        void setPageBreakBefore​(CTOnOff pageBreakBefore)
        Sets the "pageBreakBefore" element
      • addNewPageBreakBefore

        CTOnOff addNewPageBreakBefore()
        Appends and returns a new empty "pageBreakBefore" element
      • unsetPageBreakBefore

        void unsetPageBreakBefore()
        Unsets the "pageBreakBefore" element
      • getFramePr

        CTFramePr getFramePr()
        Gets the "framePr" element
      • isSetFramePr

        boolean isSetFramePr()
        True if has "framePr" element
      • setFramePr

        void setFramePr​(CTFramePr framePr)
        Sets the "framePr" element
      • addNewFramePr

        CTFramePr addNewFramePr()
        Appends and returns a new empty "framePr" element
      • unsetFramePr

        void unsetFramePr()
        Unsets the "framePr" element
      • getWidowControl

        CTOnOff getWidowControl()
        Gets the "widowControl" element
      • isSetWidowControl

        boolean isSetWidowControl()
        True if has "widowControl" element
      • setWidowControl

        void setWidowControl​(CTOnOff widowControl)
        Sets the "widowControl" element
      • addNewWidowControl

        CTOnOff addNewWidowControl()
        Appends and returns a new empty "widowControl" element
      • unsetWidowControl

        void unsetWidowControl()
        Unsets the "widowControl" element
      • getNumPr

        CTNumPr getNumPr()
        Gets the "numPr" element
      • isSetNumPr

        boolean isSetNumPr()
        True if has "numPr" element
      • setNumPr

        void setNumPr​(CTNumPr numPr)
        Sets the "numPr" element
      • addNewNumPr

        CTNumPr addNewNumPr()
        Appends and returns a new empty "numPr" element
      • unsetNumPr

        void unsetNumPr()
        Unsets the "numPr" element
      • getSuppressLineNumbers

        CTOnOff getSuppressLineNumbers()
        Gets the "suppressLineNumbers" element
      • isSetSuppressLineNumbers

        boolean isSetSuppressLineNumbers()
        True if has "suppressLineNumbers" element
      • setSuppressLineNumbers

        void setSuppressLineNumbers​(CTOnOff suppressLineNumbers)
        Sets the "suppressLineNumbers" element
      • addNewSuppressLineNumbers

        CTOnOff addNewSuppressLineNumbers()
        Appends and returns a new empty "suppressLineNumbers" element
      • unsetSuppressLineNumbers

        void unsetSuppressLineNumbers()
        Unsets the "suppressLineNumbers" element
      • getPBdr

        CTPBdr getPBdr()
        Gets the "pBdr" element
      • isSetPBdr

        boolean isSetPBdr()
        True if has "pBdr" element
      • setPBdr

        void setPBdr​(CTPBdr pBdr)
        Sets the "pBdr" element
      • addNewPBdr

        CTPBdr addNewPBdr()
        Appends and returns a new empty "pBdr" element
      • unsetPBdr

        void unsetPBdr()
        Unsets the "pBdr" element
      • getShd

        CTShd getShd()
        Gets the "shd" element
      • isSetShd

        boolean isSetShd()
        True if has "shd" element
      • setShd

        void setShd​(CTShd shd)
        Sets the "shd" element
      • addNewShd

        CTShd addNewShd()
        Appends and returns a new empty "shd" element
      • unsetShd

        void unsetShd()
        Unsets the "shd" element
      • getTabs

        CTTabs getTabs()
        Gets the "tabs" element
      • isSetTabs

        boolean isSetTabs()
        True if has "tabs" element
      • setTabs

        void setTabs​(CTTabs tabs)
        Sets the "tabs" element
      • addNewTabs

        CTTabs addNewTabs()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tabs" element
      • unsetTabs

        void unsetTabs()
        Unsets the "tabs" element
      • getSuppressAutoHyphens

        CTOnOff getSuppressAutoHyphens()
        Gets the "suppressAutoHyphens" element
      • isSetSuppressAutoHyphens

        boolean isSetSuppressAutoHyphens()
        True if has "suppressAutoHyphens" element
      • setSuppressAutoHyphens

        void setSuppressAutoHyphens​(CTOnOff suppressAutoHyphens)
        Sets the "suppressAutoHyphens" element
      • addNewSuppressAutoHyphens

        CTOnOff addNewSuppressAutoHyphens()
        Appends and returns a new empty "suppressAutoHyphens" element
      • unsetSuppressAutoHyphens

        void unsetSuppressAutoHyphens()
        Unsets the "suppressAutoHyphens" element
      • getKinsoku

        CTOnOff getKinsoku()
        Gets the "kinsoku" element
      • isSetKinsoku

        boolean isSetKinsoku()
        True if has "kinsoku" element
      • setKinsoku

        void setKinsoku​(CTOnOff kinsoku)
        Sets the "kinsoku" element
      • addNewKinsoku

        CTOnOff addNewKinsoku()
        Appends and returns a new empty "kinsoku" element
      • unsetKinsoku

        void unsetKinsoku()
        Unsets the "kinsoku" element
      • getWordWrap

        CTOnOff getWordWrap()
        Gets the "wordWrap" element
      • isSetWordWrap

        boolean isSetWordWrap()
        True if has "wordWrap" element
      • setWordWrap

        void setWordWrap​(CTOnOff wordWrap)
        Sets the "wordWrap" element
      • addNewWordWrap

        CTOnOff addNewWordWrap()
        Appends and returns a new empty "wordWrap" element
      • unsetWordWrap

        void unsetWordWrap()
        Unsets the "wordWrap" element
      • getOverflowPunct

        CTOnOff getOverflowPunct()
        Gets the "overflowPunct" element
      • isSetOverflowPunct

        boolean isSetOverflowPunct()
        True if has "overflowPunct" element
      • setOverflowPunct

        void setOverflowPunct​(CTOnOff overflowPunct)
        Sets the "overflowPunct" element
      • addNewOverflowPunct

        CTOnOff addNewOverflowPunct()
        Appends and returns a new empty "overflowPunct" element
      • unsetOverflowPunct

        void unsetOverflowPunct()
        Unsets the "overflowPunct" element
      • getTopLinePunct

        CTOnOff getTopLinePunct()
        Gets the "topLinePunct" element
      • isSetTopLinePunct

        boolean isSetTopLinePunct()
        True if has "topLinePunct" element
      • setTopLinePunct

        void setTopLinePunct​(CTOnOff topLinePunct)
        Sets the "topLinePunct" element
      • addNewTopLinePunct

        CTOnOff addNewTopLinePunct()
        Appends and returns a new empty "topLinePunct" element
      • unsetTopLinePunct

        void unsetTopLinePunct()
        Unsets the "topLinePunct" element
      • getAutoSpaceDE

        CTOnOff getAutoSpaceDE()
        Gets the "autoSpaceDE" element
      • isSetAutoSpaceDE

        boolean isSetAutoSpaceDE()
        True if has "autoSpaceDE" element
      • setAutoSpaceDE

        void setAutoSpaceDE​(CTOnOff autoSpaceDE)
        Sets the "autoSpaceDE" element
      • addNewAutoSpaceDE

        CTOnOff addNewAutoSpaceDE()
        Appends and returns a new empty "autoSpaceDE" element
      • unsetAutoSpaceDE

        void unsetAutoSpaceDE()
        Unsets the "autoSpaceDE" element
      • getAutoSpaceDN

        CTOnOff getAutoSpaceDN()
        Gets the "autoSpaceDN" element
      • isSetAutoSpaceDN

        boolean isSetAutoSpaceDN()
        True if has "autoSpaceDN" element
      • setAutoSpaceDN

        void setAutoSpaceDN​(CTOnOff autoSpaceDN)
        Sets the "autoSpaceDN" element
      • addNewAutoSpaceDN

        CTOnOff addNewAutoSpaceDN()
        Appends and returns a new empty "autoSpaceDN" element
      • unsetAutoSpaceDN

        void unsetAutoSpaceDN()
        Unsets the "autoSpaceDN" element
      • getBidi

        CTOnOff getBidi()
        Gets the "bidi" element
      • isSetBidi

        boolean isSetBidi()
        True if has "bidi" element
      • setBidi

        void setBidi​(CTOnOff bidi)
        Sets the "bidi" element
      • addNewBidi

        CTOnOff addNewBidi()
        Appends and returns a new empty "bidi" element
      • unsetBidi

        void unsetBidi()
        Unsets the "bidi" element
      • getAdjustRightInd

        CTOnOff getAdjustRightInd()
        Gets the "adjustRightInd" element
      • isSetAdjustRightInd

        boolean isSetAdjustRightInd()
        True if has "adjustRightInd" element
      • setAdjustRightInd

        void setAdjustRightInd​(CTOnOff adjustRightInd)
        Sets the "adjustRightInd" element
      • addNewAdjustRightInd

        CTOnOff addNewAdjustRightInd()
        Appends and returns a new empty "adjustRightInd" element
      • unsetAdjustRightInd

        void unsetAdjustRightInd()
        Unsets the "adjustRightInd" element
      • getSnapToGrid

        CTOnOff getSnapToGrid()
        Gets the "snapToGrid" element
      • isSetSnapToGrid

        boolean isSetSnapToGrid()
        True if has "snapToGrid" element
      • setSnapToGrid

        void setSnapToGrid​(CTOnOff snapToGrid)
        Sets the "snapToGrid" element
      • addNewSnapToGrid

        CTOnOff addNewSnapToGrid()
        Appends and returns a new empty "snapToGrid" element
      • unsetSnapToGrid

        void unsetSnapToGrid()
        Unsets the "snapToGrid" element
      • getSpacing

        CTSpacing getSpacing()
        Gets the "spacing" element
      • isSetSpacing

        boolean isSetSpacing()
        True if has "spacing" element
      • setSpacing

        void setSpacing​(CTSpacing spacing)
        Sets the "spacing" element
      • addNewSpacing

        CTSpacing addNewSpacing()
        Appends and returns a new empty "spacing" element
      • unsetSpacing

        void unsetSpacing()
        Unsets the "spacing" element
      • getInd

        CTInd getInd()
        Gets the "ind" element
      • isSetInd

        boolean isSetInd()
        True if has "ind" element
      • setInd

        void setInd​(CTInd ind)
        Sets the "ind" element
      • addNewInd

        CTInd addNewInd()
        Appends and returns a new empty "ind" element
      • unsetInd

        void unsetInd()
        Unsets the "ind" element
      • getContextualSpacing

        CTOnOff getContextualSpacing()
        Gets the "contextualSpacing" element
      • isSetContextualSpacing

        boolean isSetContextualSpacing()
        True if has "contextualSpacing" element
      • setContextualSpacing

        void setContextualSpacing​(CTOnOff contextualSpacing)
        Sets the "contextualSpacing" element
      • addNewContextualSpacing

        CTOnOff addNewContextualSpacing()
        Appends and returns a new empty "contextualSpacing" element
      • unsetContextualSpacing

        void unsetContextualSpacing()
        Unsets the "contextualSpacing" element
      • getMirrorIndents

        CTOnOff getMirrorIndents()
        Gets the "mirrorIndents" element
      • isSetMirrorIndents

        boolean isSetMirrorIndents()
        True if has "mirrorIndents" element
      • setMirrorIndents

        void setMirrorIndents​(CTOnOff mirrorIndents)
        Sets the "mirrorIndents" element
      • addNewMirrorIndents

        CTOnOff addNewMirrorIndents()
        Appends and returns a new empty "mirrorIndents" element
      • unsetMirrorIndents

        void unsetMirrorIndents()
        Unsets the "mirrorIndents" element
      • getSuppressOverlap

        CTOnOff getSuppressOverlap()
        Gets the "suppressOverlap" element
      • isSetSuppressOverlap

        boolean isSetSuppressOverlap()
        True if has "suppressOverlap" element
      • setSuppressOverlap

        void setSuppressOverlap​(CTOnOff suppressOverlap)
        Sets the "suppressOverlap" element
      • addNewSuppressOverlap

        CTOnOff addNewSuppressOverlap()
        Appends and returns a new empty "suppressOverlap" element
      • unsetSuppressOverlap

        void unsetSuppressOverlap()
        Unsets the "suppressOverlap" element
      • getJc

        CTJc getJc()
        Gets the "jc" element
      • isSetJc

        boolean isSetJc()
        True if has "jc" element
      • setJc

        void setJc​(CTJc jc)
        Sets the "jc" element
      • addNewJc

        CTJc addNewJc()
        Appends and returns a new empty "jc" element
      • unsetJc

        void unsetJc()
        Unsets the "jc" element
      • getTextDirection

        CTTextDirection getTextDirection()
        Gets the "textDirection" element
      • isSetTextDirection

        boolean isSetTextDirection()
        True if has "textDirection" element
      • setTextDirection

        void setTextDirection​(CTTextDirection textDirection)
        Sets the "textDirection" element
      • addNewTextDirection

        CTTextDirection addNewTextDirection()
        Appends and returns a new empty "textDirection" element
      • unsetTextDirection

        void unsetTextDirection()
        Unsets the "textDirection" element
      • getTextAlignment

        CTTextAlignment getTextAlignment()
        Gets the "textAlignment" element
      • isSetTextAlignment

        boolean isSetTextAlignment()
        True if has "textAlignment" element
      • setTextAlignment

        void setTextAlignment​(CTTextAlignment textAlignment)
        Sets the "textAlignment" element
      • addNewTextAlignment

        CTTextAlignment addNewTextAlignment()
        Appends and returns a new empty "textAlignment" element
      • unsetTextAlignment

        void unsetTextAlignment()
        Unsets the "textAlignment" element
      • getTextboxTightWrap

        CTTextboxTightWrap getTextboxTightWrap()
        Gets the "textboxTightWrap" element
      • isSetTextboxTightWrap

        boolean isSetTextboxTightWrap()
        True if has "textboxTightWrap" element
      • setTextboxTightWrap

        void setTextboxTightWrap​(CTTextboxTightWrap textboxTightWrap)
        Sets the "textboxTightWrap" element
      • addNewTextboxTightWrap

        CTTextboxTightWrap addNewTextboxTightWrap()
        Appends and returns a new empty "textboxTightWrap" element
      • unsetTextboxTightWrap

        void unsetTextboxTightWrap()
        Unsets the "textboxTightWrap" element
      • getOutlineLvl

        CTDecimalNumber getOutlineLvl()
        Gets the "outlineLvl" element
      • isSetOutlineLvl

        boolean isSetOutlineLvl()
        True if has "outlineLvl" element
      • setOutlineLvl

        void setOutlineLvl​(CTDecimalNumber outlineLvl)
        Sets the "outlineLvl" element
      • addNewOutlineLvl

        CTDecimalNumber addNewOutlineLvl()
        Appends and returns a new empty "outlineLvl" element
      • unsetOutlineLvl

        void unsetOutlineLvl()
        Unsets the "outlineLvl" element
      • isSetDivId

        boolean isSetDivId()
        True if has "divId" element
      • setDivId

        void setDivId​(CTDecimalNumber divId)
        Sets the "divId" element
      • addNewDivId

        CTDecimalNumber addNewDivId()
        Appends and returns a new empty "divId" element
      • unsetDivId

        void unsetDivId()
        Unsets the "divId" element
      • getCnfStyle

        CTCnf getCnfStyle()
        Gets the "cnfStyle" element
      • isSetCnfStyle

        boolean isSetCnfStyle()
        True if has "cnfStyle" element
      • setCnfStyle

        void setCnfStyle​(CTCnf cnfStyle)
        Sets the "cnfStyle" element
      • addNewCnfStyle

        CTCnf addNewCnfStyle()
        Appends and returns a new empty "cnfStyle" element
      • unsetCnfStyle

        void unsetCnfStyle()
        Unsets the "cnfStyle" element