Interface CTTblPrBase

  • All Superinterfaces:
    XmlObject, XmlTokenSource
    All Known Subinterfaces:

    public interface CTTblPrBase
    extends XmlObject
    An XML CT_TblPrBase(@ This is a complex type.
    • Method Detail

      • getTblStyle

        CTString getTblStyle()
        Gets the "tblStyle" element
      • isSetTblStyle

        boolean isSetTblStyle()
        True if has "tblStyle" element
      • setTblStyle

        void setTblStyle​(CTString tblStyle)
        Sets the "tblStyle" element
      • addNewTblStyle

        CTString addNewTblStyle()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblStyle" element
      • unsetTblStyle

        void unsetTblStyle()
        Unsets the "tblStyle" element
      • getTblpPr

        CTTblPPr getTblpPr()
        Gets the "tblpPr" element
      • isSetTblpPr

        boolean isSetTblpPr()
        True if has "tblpPr" element
      • setTblpPr

        void setTblpPr​(CTTblPPr tblpPr)
        Sets the "tblpPr" element
      • addNewTblpPr

        CTTblPPr addNewTblpPr()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblpPr" element
      • unsetTblpPr

        void unsetTblpPr()
        Unsets the "tblpPr" element
      • getTblOverlap

        CTTblOverlap getTblOverlap()
        Gets the "tblOverlap" element
      • isSetTblOverlap

        boolean isSetTblOverlap()
        True if has "tblOverlap" element
      • setTblOverlap

        void setTblOverlap​(CTTblOverlap tblOverlap)
        Sets the "tblOverlap" element
      • addNewTblOverlap

        CTTblOverlap addNewTblOverlap()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblOverlap" element
      • unsetTblOverlap

        void unsetTblOverlap()
        Unsets the "tblOverlap" element
      • getBidiVisual

        CTOnOff getBidiVisual()
        Gets the "bidiVisual" element
      • isSetBidiVisual

        boolean isSetBidiVisual()
        True if has "bidiVisual" element
      • setBidiVisual

        void setBidiVisual​(CTOnOff bidiVisual)
        Sets the "bidiVisual" element
      • addNewBidiVisual

        CTOnOff addNewBidiVisual()
        Appends and returns a new empty "bidiVisual" element
      • unsetBidiVisual

        void unsetBidiVisual()
        Unsets the "bidiVisual" element
      • getTblStyleRowBandSize

        CTDecimalNumber getTblStyleRowBandSize()
        Gets the "tblStyleRowBandSize" element
      • isSetTblStyleRowBandSize

        boolean isSetTblStyleRowBandSize()
        True if has "tblStyleRowBandSize" element
      • setTblStyleRowBandSize

        void setTblStyleRowBandSize​(CTDecimalNumber tblStyleRowBandSize)
        Sets the "tblStyleRowBandSize" element
      • addNewTblStyleRowBandSize

        CTDecimalNumber addNewTblStyleRowBandSize()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblStyleRowBandSize" element
      • unsetTblStyleRowBandSize

        void unsetTblStyleRowBandSize()
        Unsets the "tblStyleRowBandSize" element
      • getTblStyleColBandSize

        CTDecimalNumber getTblStyleColBandSize()
        Gets the "tblStyleColBandSize" element
      • isSetTblStyleColBandSize

        boolean isSetTblStyleColBandSize()
        True if has "tblStyleColBandSize" element
      • setTblStyleColBandSize

        void setTblStyleColBandSize​(CTDecimalNumber tblStyleColBandSize)
        Sets the "tblStyleColBandSize" element
      • addNewTblStyleColBandSize

        CTDecimalNumber addNewTblStyleColBandSize()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblStyleColBandSize" element
      • unsetTblStyleColBandSize

        void unsetTblStyleColBandSize()
        Unsets the "tblStyleColBandSize" element
      • getTblW

        CTTblWidth getTblW()
        Gets the "tblW" element
      • isSetTblW

        boolean isSetTblW()
        True if has "tblW" element
      • setTblW

        void setTblW​(CTTblWidth tblW)
        Sets the "tblW" element
      • addNewTblW

        CTTblWidth addNewTblW()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblW" element
      • unsetTblW

        void unsetTblW()
        Unsets the "tblW" element
      • getJc

        CTJc getJc()
        Gets the "jc" element
      • isSetJc

        boolean isSetJc()
        True if has "jc" element
      • setJc

        void setJc​(CTJc jc)
        Sets the "jc" element
      • addNewJc

        CTJc addNewJc()
        Appends and returns a new empty "jc" element
      • unsetJc

        void unsetJc()
        Unsets the "jc" element
      • getTblCellSpacing

        CTTblWidth getTblCellSpacing()
        Gets the "tblCellSpacing" element
      • isSetTblCellSpacing

        boolean isSetTblCellSpacing()
        True if has "tblCellSpacing" element
      • setTblCellSpacing

        void setTblCellSpacing​(CTTblWidth tblCellSpacing)
        Sets the "tblCellSpacing" element
      • addNewTblCellSpacing

        CTTblWidth addNewTblCellSpacing()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblCellSpacing" element
      • unsetTblCellSpacing

        void unsetTblCellSpacing()
        Unsets the "tblCellSpacing" element
      • getTblInd

        CTTblWidth getTblInd()
        Gets the "tblInd" element
      • isSetTblInd

        boolean isSetTblInd()
        True if has "tblInd" element
      • setTblInd

        void setTblInd​(CTTblWidth tblInd)
        Sets the "tblInd" element
      • addNewTblInd

        CTTblWidth addNewTblInd()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblInd" element
      • unsetTblInd

        void unsetTblInd()
        Unsets the "tblInd" element
      • getTblBorders

        CTTblBorders getTblBorders()
        Gets the "tblBorders" element
      • isSetTblBorders

        boolean isSetTblBorders()
        True if has "tblBorders" element
      • setTblBorders

        void setTblBorders​(CTTblBorders tblBorders)
        Sets the "tblBorders" element
      • addNewTblBorders

        CTTblBorders addNewTblBorders()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblBorders" element
      • unsetTblBorders

        void unsetTblBorders()
        Unsets the "tblBorders" element
      • getShd

        CTShd getShd()
        Gets the "shd" element
      • isSetShd

        boolean isSetShd()
        True if has "shd" element
      • setShd

        void setShd​(CTShd shd)
        Sets the "shd" element
      • addNewShd

        CTShd addNewShd()
        Appends and returns a new empty "shd" element
      • unsetShd

        void unsetShd()
        Unsets the "shd" element
      • getTblLayout

        CTTblLayoutType getTblLayout()
        Gets the "tblLayout" element
      • isSetTblLayout

        boolean isSetTblLayout()
        True if has "tblLayout" element
      • setTblLayout

        void setTblLayout​(CTTblLayoutType tblLayout)
        Sets the "tblLayout" element
      • addNewTblLayout

        CTTblLayoutType addNewTblLayout()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblLayout" element
      • unsetTblLayout

        void unsetTblLayout()
        Unsets the "tblLayout" element
      • getTblCellMar

        CTTblCellMar getTblCellMar()
        Gets the "tblCellMar" element
      • isSetTblCellMar

        boolean isSetTblCellMar()
        True if has "tblCellMar" element
      • setTblCellMar

        void setTblCellMar​(CTTblCellMar tblCellMar)
        Sets the "tblCellMar" element
      • addNewTblCellMar

        CTTblCellMar addNewTblCellMar()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblCellMar" element
      • unsetTblCellMar

        void unsetTblCellMar()
        Unsets the "tblCellMar" element
      • isSetTblLook

        boolean isSetTblLook()
        True if has "tblLook" element
      • setTblLook

        void setTblLook​(CTShortHexNumber tblLook)
        Sets the "tblLook" element
      • addNewTblLook

        CTShortHexNumber addNewTblLook()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblLook" element
      • unsetTblLook

        void unsetTblLook()
        Unsets the "tblLook" element