Interface WovenClassListener

  • @ConsumerType
    public interface WovenClassListener
    Woven Class Listener Service.

    Bundles registering this service will receive notifications whenever a woven class completes a state transition. Woven Class Listeners are not able to modify the woven class in contrast with weaving hooks.

    Receiving a woven class in the TRANSFORMED state allows listeners to observe the modified byte codes before the class has been DEFINED as well as the additional dynamic imports before the bundle wiring has been updated.

    Woven class listeners are synchronously called when a woven class completes a state transition. The woven class processing will not proceed until all woven class listeners are done.

    If the Java runtime environment supports permissions, the caller must have ServicePermission[WovenClassListener,REGISTER] in order to register a listener.

    • Method Detail

      • modified

        void modified​(WovenClass wovenClass)
        Receives notification that a woven class has completed a state transition.

        The listener will be notified when a woven class has entered the TRANSFORMED, DEFINED, TRANSFORMING_FAILED and DEFINE_FAILED states.

        If this method throws any exception, the Framework must log the exception but otherwise ignore it.

        wovenClass - The woven class that completed a state transition.