Interface LoggerAdmin

  • @ProviderType
    public interface LoggerAdmin
    LoggerAdmin service for configuring loggers.

    Each bundle may have its own named LoggerContext based upon its bundle symbolic name, bundle version, and bundle location. There is also a root Logger Context from which each named Logger Context inherits. The root Logger Context has no name.

    When a bundle logs, the logger implementation must locate the Logger Context for the bundle to determine the effective log level of the logger name. The best matching name for the Logger Context is the longest name, which has a non-empty Logger Context, according to this syntax:

     name ::= symbolic-name ( '|' version ( '|' location )? )?
    The version must be formatted canonically, that is, according to the toString() method of the Version class. So the Logger Context for a bundle is searched for using the following names in the given order:
    The search stops at the first non-empty Logger Context. If no non-empty Logger Context is found using the above search order, the Logger Context with the symbolic name of the bundle must be used for the bundle.
    • Field Detail


        static final java.lang.String LOG_SERVICE_ID
        Logger Admin service property to associate the Logger Admin service with a LoggerFactory service.

        This service property is set to the for the LoggerFactory service administered by this Logger Admin.

        The value of this service property must be of type Long.

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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • getLoggerContext

        LoggerContext getLoggerContext​(java.lang.String name)
        Get the Logger Context for the specified name.
        name - The name of the Logger Context. Can be null to specify the root Logger Context.
        The Logger Context for the specified name. The returned Logger Context may be empty.