Interface HostedCapability

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    public interface HostedCapability
    extends Capability
    A capability hosted by a resource.

    A HostedCapability is a Capability where the getResource() method returns a Resource that hosts this Capability instead of declaring it. This is necessary for cases where the declaring Resource of a Capability does not match the runtime state. For example, this is the case for fragments attached to a host. Most fragment declared capabilities and requirements become hosted by the host resource. Since a fragment can attach to multiple hosts, a single capability can actually be hosted multiple times.

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      • getResource

        Resource getResource()
        Return the Resource that hosts this Capability.
        Specified by:
        getResource in interface Capability
        The Resource that hosts this Capability.
      • getDeclaredCapability

        Capability getDeclaredCapability()
        Return the Capability hosted by the Resource.
        The Capability hosted by the Resource.