The following diagram shows a schematic of a two-workspace repository.

Here we see two workspaces, WS1 and WS2. The dotted lines indicate corresponding nodes. For example, the node /a in WS1 corresponds to /m in WS2 because both have a UUID of 01. Similarly, /b in WS1 corresponds with /b in WS2. In these cases, because the nodes are referenceable, their paths and names are not relevant in determining their correspondence.

On the other hand, /a/c in WS1 corresponds with /m/c in WS2 because they have the same relative path (namely, c) from their nearest referenceable corresponding ancestors (namely, /a and /m in WS1 and WS2 respectively).

Note there can also be nodes (such as /a/d in WS1) that exist in one workspace but not in the other.