18 Lifecycle Management

A repository may support lifecycle management, enabling users to:

The names and semantics of the supported lifecycle states and transitions are implementation-specific.

Whether an implementation supports lifecycle management can be determined by querying the repository descriptor table with


A return value of true indicates support (see ยง24.2 Repository Descriptors).

18.1 mix:lifecycle



- jcr:lifecyclePolicy (REFERENCE) protected INITIALIZE

- jcr:currentLifecycleState (STRING) protected INITIALIZE

Only nodes with mixin node type mix:lifecycle may participate in a lifecycle. The mixin adds two properties:

18.2 Node Methods

The Node interface provides the following methods related to lifecycles. If the node does not have the mix:lifecycle mixin, the methods will return UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException.

void Node.followLifecycleTransition(String transition)

causes the lifecycle state of this node to undergo the specified transition.

This method may change the value of the jcr:currentLifecycleState property, in most cases it is expected that the implementation will change the value to that of the passed transition parameter, though this is an implementation-specific issue. If the jcr:currentLifecycleState property is changed the change is persisted immediately, there is no need to call save.

String[] Node.getAllowedLifecycleTransitions()

returns the list of valid state transitions for this node.