Package javax.jcr.version

Provides interfaces and classes for content repository versioning functionality.


Interface Summary
Version A Version object wraps an nt:version node.
VersionHistory A VersionHistory object wraps an nt:versionHistory node.
VersionIterator Allows easy iteration through a list of Versions objects with nextVersion as well as a skip method inherited from RangeIterator.
VersionManager The VersionManager object is accessed via Workspace.getVersionManager().

Class Summary
OnParentVersionAction The possible actions specified by the onParentVersion attribute in a property definition within a node type definition.

Exception Summary
ActivityViolationException Exception will be thrown by Node.checkout and Node.checkpoint if an activity A is present on the current session and any of the following conditions is met: There already is a node in another workspace that has a checked-out node for the version history of N whose jcr:activity references A. There is a version in the version history of N that is not a predecessor of N but whose jcr:activity references A.
LabelExistsVersionException Exception thrown by VersionHistory.addVersionLabel if moveLabel is set to false and an attempt is made to add a label that already exists in the VersionHistory.
VersionException Exception thrown by Version.addSuccessor if an invalid version graph operation is attempted.

Package javax.jcr.version Description

Provides interfaces and classes for content repository versioning functionality.

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