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Magento Open Source

Join this project if you would like to contribute to the Magento core code, put your name into Magento history and shape the future of Magento.

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PWA Studio

Development tools to build, optimize and deploy Progressive Web Applications for Magento 2.4+.

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Magento 2 Page Builder

Introduces an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface for creating digital content, powered by content types like images, videos, banners, etc. with instant preview capabilities that enable non-technical users to take control of their content.

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Developer documentation for ongoing Magento 2.x releases. Share your knowledge and expertise. We welcome instructions and information, sample code and examples, best practices, tutorials, REST, etc.

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Merchant Documentation

The latest Magento merchant documentation for ongoing Magento 2.4.x releases.

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Support Knowledge Base

Provides proven solutions for fixing and avoiding known Adobe Commerce issues, including patches and symptom-based troubleshooting.

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Adobe Stock Integration

Provides a searchable interface in the Magento Admin to explore, preview and use stock images inside PageBuilder or WYSIWYG content.

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Magento Coding Standard

Unified Magento Coding Standard - Magento code style source of truth.

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Multi Source Inventory

Enhances inventory management, enabling you to manage inventory for a single or across multiple locations and sales channels with concurrent checkout protection and shipment matching algorithms.

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PHPStorm Plugin for Magento 2

Plugin for Magento 2 development in the PhpStorm IDE. Is available via the JetBrains Plugin Repository.

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Security Package

Contains a couple of functional modules aimed to improve or extend user interaction with Magento according to all security best practices, recommendations and standards.

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Magento Cloud Tools

A set of scripts and tools designed to manage and deploy Cloud projects. The Cloud tools package is compatible with Magento version 2.1.4 and later to provide a rich set of features you can use to manage your Adobe Commerce project.

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Magento Cloud Docker

This package is a part of the Magento Cloud Suite designed to develop, test, and deploy your Magento Commerce store.

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Magento Cloud Components

Extends Magento Commerce core functionality for sites deployed on the Cloud platform. This module contains cloud-specific functionality for use with the ece-tools package.

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Magento Cloud Patches

A set of patches, previously used within the ece-tools package to improve the integration of all Magento versions with Cloud environments and to deliver critical fixes quickly.

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