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Localization and Platforms


Sometimes it's necesssary (for localization or other reasons) to find out what a plugin's host environment is. Here's how to do that:

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1const host = require('uxp').host;
2const locale = host.uiLocale;
3const hostName = host.name
4const hostVersion = host.version;
6console.log(`locale: ${locale} host ${hostName} version ${hostVersion}`);

You can use the returned strings in switch statements (or other control flow techniques) to alter your plugin's behavior, such as outputting the correct strings in messages and dialogs.

You can also use it to change properties of HTML components in your panels (typically the innerHTML or innerText property) so they contain the correct language strings.

OS Identification#

Sometimes you need to write different code depending upon whether your plugin is hosted on macOS or Windows. You can find out what app your plugin is hosted in with this methods:

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1const hostOS = require('os').platform();
2// note that this is a method, not a property.

hostOS will contain the string "darwin" for macOS and "windows" for, well, Windows.

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