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Represents the anchor and control-handle endpoints for a path segment. Each point (the anchor point, left-direction point, and right-direction point) is an array containing X and Y position coordinates.

  • Use the PathPoint object to retrieve information about the points that describe existing path segments. The properties are read-only. Access PathPoint objects through the SubPathItem.pathPoints property.

  • Use PathPointInfo with PathItems.add() to create path points. The properties are writeable.

For paths that are straight segments (not curved), the coordinates of all three points are the same. For curved segments, the coordinates are different. The difference between the anchor point and the left or right direction points determines the arc of the curve. Use the left direction point to bend the curve "outward" or make it convex; or use the right direction point to bend the curve "inward" or make it concave.

Added in Photoshop 23.3


anchornumber[]Read-onlyThe coordinates of the anchor point of the curve, in `[horizontal, vertical]` format.
kindPointKindRead-onlyThe role (corner or smooth) this point plays in the containing path segment.
leftDirectionnumber[]Read-onlyThe location of the left-direction endpoint ('in' position), in `[horizontal, vertical]` format.
parentSubPathItemRead-onlyThe containing SubPath object
rightDirectionnumber[]Read-onlyThe location of the right-direction endpoint ('out' position), in `[horizontal, vertical]` format.
typenamestringRead-onlyThe class name of the referenced object
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