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Represents a subpath; a collection of subpaths make up a PathItem.

Create these objects by passing SubPathInfo objects to PathItems.add() method. This method creates a SubPathItem object for each SubPathInfo object, and creates and then returns a new PathItem object for the path represented by all of the subpaths. Access these objects in the PathItem.subPathItems collection.

  • Use the SubPathItem object to retrieve information about existing subpaths. The properties are read-only.
  • Use SubPathInfo to create subpaths; the properties are read-write.

Added in Photoshop 23.3


closedbooleanRead-onlyTrue if the path is closed.
operationShapeOperationRead-onlyHow this `SubPathItem` behaves when it intersects another. Specifies how to combine the shapes if the destination path already has a selection.
parentPathItemRead-onlyThe path this subpath belongs to
pathPointsPathPointsRead-onlyThe collection of the PathPoints on this `SubPathItem`.
typenamestringRead-onlyThe class name of the referenced PathItem object
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