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We build the DOM APIs with a lot of intent and care to work around expectations Photoshop may have when a command is being batchPlayed.

Photoshop is full of functionality and while we strive to bring all of them into the user-friendly DOM, some may not be ready as you're writing your plug-ins.

Further, you may have a different or unique way of scripting Photoshop and may want to add more properties and methods to the provided DOM classes.

This is where prototypes come in to play. In JavaScript, prototypes define what methods and properties are inherited by an object. Properties can be attached to a prototype to ensure that every instance of that object will have those properties.

You can overload the many classes' prototype at the start or launch of your plugin or via a library you wrote that is loaded before your code.

As a plug-in developer, you have access to these prototypes:

For example, suppose you want to add a new method to Document which renames all layers, prepending '_' to them. You can run the following at the start of your plug-in.

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1require('photoshop').app.Document.prototype.prependLodash = function () {
2 // `this` will be the instance of Document you're calling the method on
3 this.layers.forEach(l => {
4 l.name = '_' + l.name
5 })

Then, when you want to perform this on any document, you can call it on the instance of that document:

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require('photoshop').app.activeDocument.prependLodash() // All layers in the document will be renamed
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