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Unsupported Elements

Only elements found in the surrounding documentation are supported. Unsupported elements such as <li>, <ul>, etc., are treated as simple <div>s. As such, this does mean that you can often style unsupported elements in a way that more closely matches their browser counterparts.


Several tags such as <i> are not supported. However, you can easily add some CSS in order to support their visual appearance:

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1i, em { font-style: italic; }
2strong { font-weight: bold; }
3q:before { content: '“'; }
4q:after { content: '”'; }
5blockquote { margin: 1em; }
6pre { white-space: pre; }
7code { font-family: Courier; }

Unordered Lists#

UXP does not, by default, support lists or list items. However, you can simulate an unordered list with bullets with some simple CSS.

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1ul {
2 margin-left: 1em;
4li:before {
5 content: '•';
6 display: inline-block;
7 text-align: center;
8 margin-left: -1em;
9 width: 1em;

Ordered Lists#

UXP does not support ordered lists (<ol>). You can work around this by manually creating the numbered elements for each item.


The <title> element is not used in UXP. If you do specify it, you may find that it makes itself visible inside your plugin. To remedy this, add the following CSS to your project:

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1title {
2 display: none;
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