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You can install the UXP Developer Tools by clicking here or by following these steps:

  • Launch Adobe Creative Cloud Application. If not installed, download and install Creative Cloud.
  • Sign in with your Adobe account if not already signed in.
  • Click on All apps section, and you should see "UXP Developer Tools" listed. Creative cloud
  • Click on the Install button for the UXP Developer Tools card to start installation.

Launching for the first time#

When you launch the Developer Tool for the first time, you'll be prompted to enable Developer Mode. This is required in order for you to load plugins in development into Photoshop.

Enable Developer Mode

Once you click Enable, elevated permissions will be requested, and you may be required to enter your password or approve an action from the Developer Tool.

Elevated Permissions request

If you have problems with this step, you can also configure Developer Mode manually, although you must have Administrative privileges to do so:

  • Quit the UXP Developer Tool
  • Navigate to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/UXP/Developer on macOS, or %CommonProgramFiles%/Adobe/UXP/Developer on Windows. (If the folder does not exist, you can create it -- you'll need administrative rights.)
  • Create a new file named settings.json with the following contents (You'll need administrative rights to save the file):
    Copied to your clipboard
    {"developer" : true}
  • Launch the UXP Developer Tool again.
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