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Known Issues

The following issues are known. Please check this page with future updates, as known issues will be fixed over time, and new issues will likely be discovered.

General Issues#

  • Panel icons must always be 23x23 (46x46) PNG files. SVG icons are not supported on Photoshop toolbars.
  • Plugin icons must always be 24x24 (48x48) files. In the manifest, they must currently be specified with width: 48 and height: 48. Plugin icons do support SVG files, but UXP doesn't support all SVG features, which means you'll want to test your SVG icon before shipping your plugin if you decide to use SVG icons in the Plugin Panel.
  • When using require("uxp").entrypoints.setup() in a delayed fashion (that is, not immediately at plugin start), you may encounter an uncatchable error. This appears to be related to how quickly the setup function is called in relation to drawing the first few frames on the display. If this delay is short (less than ~20ms), the call will likely succeed. If it is long, an error is likely to occur. A delay in calling this function should not cause any errors to be thrown, and will be fixed in a future release. (PS-57605)
  • When creating a flyout separator, you must specify an id of -. This will be fixed in the next UXP release. (PS-56279)
  • When attempting to use the UXP clipboard APIs in panel-less plugins, errors will be thrown. This will be fixed in a future release. (UXP-15542)

User Interface#

  • While z-index is supported, no element can overlay a widget that has text editing capabilities. Text fields and areas will always render the text editor above everything else in the same panel or dialog. As such, you can use popovers to render content above them, or hide the element if you need to render some content above it.
  • window.devicePixelRatio (and corresponding element.uxpContainer.devicePixelRatio) always returns 1. This is incorrect and will be fixed in the future. Note that window.devicePixelRatio may not always match an element's pixel ratio if the element is visible on a screen with a different pixel ratio from the primary screen.
  • Not all SVG files are supported by UXP. UXP's SVG renderer is targeted for simple icons and the like; complex SVGs may fail to render completely, or may render in unexpected ways. The SVG renderer will improve in the future.
  • Images formatted in a grayscale mode will fail to render. They will take up space in the DOM, but will not be visible to the user.
  • When the mouse cursor is changed, it may not revert back to its original state in UWP.
  • It is not possible to trigger the emoji selector in a text field on macOS.
  • Many SVGs are known to render in odd ways in the UI. These issues will be addressed in the future, but we would love to hear your reports of any SVGs that don't work, and how you fixed it.
  • When tabbing in a scroll view, the scroll view is not automatically scrolled to ensure the target control is in view (macOS Only).
  • Emojis are rendered in the font color on Windows 10, instead of using the emoji's colors.
  • When a control in a panel is disabled and enabled, it is no longer reachable via TAB. This may also impact controls added after a panel is shown for the first time.
  • Drag and Drop is not currently supported.
  • The Save dialog that appears when using getFileForSaving appears behind the plugin panels. The Open and Folder dialogs may also do this on occasion on both macOS and Windows. This will be fixed in a future release. (PS-57708)
  • When using <img> tags inside a <dialog>, you should ensure that the images have an explicit width and height on either the image or the dialog. Otherwise, the dialog will attempt to resize to the smallest possible size, and images initially have a 0x0 dimension until at least one frame has been rendered to the display. This can cause the dialog to display at the wrong size.
  • <img> tags do not currently handle embedded rotation information.

Spectrum UXP Components#

  • Buttons do not indicate when they are focused from the keyboard.
  • You should make sure sp-dropdown elements have a width set, otherwise they will size according to the currently selected item. This may cause items in the dropdown itself to appear truncated, wrapped, or oddly formatted.
  • Password field values cannot be read on macOS. A workaround for this is to set the type to text on focus and switch it back to password on blur.
  • Displaying a file picker or browser from a Spectrum UXP control (such as a button) may result in an infinite series of click events. Until this is fixed in UXP, you'll need to add some logic to prevent the infinite loop or use a native widget instead. (PS-57264)
  • Dropdowns don't currently respond to arrow keys; this will be fixed in a future update.
  • The location attribute for sp-tooltip seems like it would control the position of the tooltip relative to its attachment. This is not how the attribute actually works -- it instead controls the tooltip's "tip" direction. If location is set to bottom, the tip will be pointed upwards under the assumption that your code has already placed the tooltip below the control. (PS-56708) Better tooltip handling is coming in a future release.
  • The numeric sp-textfield can trigger numeric validation errors, even when the entered value would seem to be correct. This will be addressed in a future release. The limitation on valid ranges is an issue with numeric fields in Photoshop in general and is a separate issue. (PS-57698)


  • uxpshowpanel and the corresponding show callback occurs only once, when the panel is initially made visible. It will not recur. This will be fixed in the future. (PS-57284)
  • uxphidepanel and the corresponding hide callback never occurs, even when the panel is made invisible. This will be fixed in the future. (PS-57284)
  • uxpcommand will incude uxpshowpanel and uxphidepanel in the commandId field of the event whenever panels are shown and hidden. For plugins with a single panel, this is sufficient to detect that your panel's state has changed. If your plugin has multiple panels, there is no way (at this time) to detect which panel was shown or hidden.
  • Interactive elements swallow most events.
  • keypress is not currently supported.

HTML Elements#

  • <option> tags must have a value attribute, or referencing the select's value property will return undefined.
  • <select value="…"/> does not show the value as selected. Instead, get a reference to the element and call setAttribute("value", …) or use the selected attribute on the option tags.
  • If you don’t specify a width for your form, block elements inside may not take up the entire width. Workaround: always set a width for your form elements.
  • forms only support method="dialog". They do not submit to a URL automatically.
  • It is not currently possible to specify the tab order.
  • The size of a <textarea> cannot be set with rows or cols. Use CSS styles height and width respectively.
  • HTML5 input validation is not supported.
  • Images that fail to load will not render any “broken icon” image in place.
  • Input elements do not accept defaultValue.
  • <option> tags do not support disabled attributes.
  • <label for="id"/> is not supported. Wrap <label> around the control instead.
  • <input type="file" /> is not supported.
  • <input type="color" /> is not supported.
  • Using unitless values in width and height attributes are not supported in UXP 3.1. Use px, or CSS styles.
  • <label> uses inline-flex layout semantics in UXP 3.1 mode, with flex-wrap: wrap enabled. If you need to prevent wrapping, use flex-wrap: nowrap on these elements. Note that the default layout behavior is now horizontal not vertical.
  • <progress> is not theme aware.
  • Password field values cannot be read on macOS. A workaround for this is to set the type to text on focus and switch it back to password on blur.


  • When rendering inline text that wraps, borders, outlines, and backgrounds only apply to the first line. You should place borders, outlines, and backgrounds on elements with block layout semantics.
  • Mixing inline text with UI controls is unlikely to result in a pleasant appearance. vertical-align is supported, but baseline layout does not always do what you might expect, which makes it difficult to properly align widgets and labels. As such, you should use flex or inline-flex when using UI elements.


  • It is not currently possible to assign multiple border colors to a container.
  • baseline alignment is supported, but buggy; do not rely on its behavior for now.
  • The font shorthand CSS rule is not supported.
  • text-transform is not supported,
  • CSS transitions and animations are not supported.
  • A solid outline will not render unless a color is also provided. When using outline: solid, be sure to supply an outline color as well.
  • Font sizes do not adjust to dynamic units like vh. As such, if you use font-size: 1vh, and the viewport changes size, the font size will not adjust.
  • Setting a border-color to unset may not reset the color to its initial value.
  • Borders and backgrounds are not drawn correctly when coupled with object-fit.
  • The bottom border may not always render with the same width as the other borders.
  • Underlines may render very thin.
  • calc only works for length/numeric properties. Using calc for a color will not work.
  • If you need to override an anchor link color, use a[href] as the selector to override it.


  • When a dialog is closed, it is not removed from the DOM. This is per spec. If you want the dialog to be removed from the DOM, you must call HTMLDialogElement#remove explicitly.
  • When applying HTML using innerHTML, event handlers and scripts are currently parsed in Photoshop, but not in XD. DO NOT RELY ON THIS BEHAVIOR, as it will likely go away in the future and match XD's behavior (which is by design).

Network I/O#

  • On macOS, it is not possible to use self-signed certificates with secure Websockets.
  • Websockets do not support extensions.
  • XHR can only send binary content using an ArrayBuffer -- Blob is not supported.
  • XHR does not support cookies.
  • responseURL is not supported on XHR

File I/O#

  • Blob is not supported. Use ArrayBuffer instead.
  • Copying a file from a folder outside the plugin's data folder into the plugin's data folder (using getDataFolder) may fail on Windows with the error `fs.copyFile fallback failed - Error: Route not found". (PS-57707)
  • The list of images in require("uxp").storage.fileTypes.images is not intended to be a complete representation of all supported image types by the host. Instead, this array includes some of the more common images. You can pass your own array with the desired file types instead. (PS-57601)
  • It's not currently possible to obtain metadata for file objects in the plugin's bundle. The date or size will be invalid. Metadata from other sources (such as getDataFolder) are unaffected. This will be fixed in a future release. (PS-57307)


  • If debugging exposes any private fields and methods, do not attempt to use them. Plugins referring to private APIs may be rejected or removed from the Plugin Marketplace, and will be prone to breaking unexpectedly.
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