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Runtime, part of App Builder, brings your code to the cloud.

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As the foundation of App Builder, it is integrated with Adobe I/O events and offers easy, secure, fast access to Adobe APIs.


Based on OpenWhisk and node.js, Adobe I/O Runtime runs any JavaScript code on Adobe's infrastructure.


Deploy actions using the Command Line Interface (AIO CLI) or REST APIs, enabling rapid development and continuous integration and deployment.

Server Not Required

Adobe I/O Runtime is Adobe’s serverless platform. Deploy custom code to respond to events and execute functions in the cloud - no server required.

Run cloud-native code to bring Adobe services together with APIs. Functions run in close proximity to content and data stored in other Adobe solutions.

Extend Adobe Solutions

Put a custom UI experience around your Runtime actions with App Builder or build a microservice.

Built on I/O Runtime and I/O Events, App Builder is a complete cloud native framework to extend the functionality of Adobe Experience Manager & Commerce solutions.

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Secure and easy to manage

Get API authorization and user access control out of the box. Gain productivity and developer convenience with our framework of front and back-end tools.

Embedded Adobe API

Gain direct use of Adobe's APIs and services. Easily access your content and data stored in Adobe's Cloud Platform. Run code in response to Adobe I/O Events.

Automatic Scaling

Write your code, we manage the rest. Adobe I/O Runtime automatically scales based on requests, keeping performance high and costs low.

Code in Javascript, run in node.js

Use what you know and love: Javascript and node.js. Use npm and test locally. There's no need to learn a whole new framework

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Use Git for an integrated deployment workflow so you don't have to push code manually. Increase software quality and velocity of delivery

Powered by OpenWhisk

Based on Apache OpenWhisk, Adobe I/O Runtime is backed by a large open source community focused on improving cloud technology.

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