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In-page profile attributes

In-page profile attributes in Adobe Target (also called "in-mbox profile attributes") are name/value pairs passed directly through page code that are stored in the visitor's profile for future use.

In-page profile attributes allow user-specific data to be stored in Target's profile for later targeting and segmentation.


In-page profile attributes are passed into Target via a server call as a string name/value pair with the prefix "profile." before the Attribute name.

Attribute names and values are customizable (although there are some "reserved names" for specific uses).


  • profile.membershipLevel=silver
  • profile.visitCount=3

Example use cases#

  • Login information: Share non-PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data to Target based on the user's login. This data could be membership status, order history, or more.
  • Store info: Track which store is this user's preferred location.
  • Previous interactions: Track what the user has done on the site previously to inform future personalization.

Benefits of method#

Data gets sent to Target in real time, and can be used on the same server call on which the data comes in.


Requires page code updates (directly or via a tag management system).

Attributes and values are visible in server calls, so a visitor can see the values. If sharing information such as credit ranges or other potentially private information, this method might not be the best approach.

Code examples#

targetPageParamsAll (appends the attributes to all mbox calls on the page):

function targetPageParamsAll() { return "profile.param1=value1&profile.param2=value2&profile.p3=hello%20world"; }

targetPageParams (appends the attributes to the global mbox on the page):

function targetPageParams() { return profile.param1=value1&profile.param2=value2&profile.p3=hello%20world"; }

Attributes in mboxCreate code:

<div class="mboxDefault"> default content to replace by offer </div> <script> mboxCreate('mboxName','profile.param1=value1','profile.param2=value2'); </script>

Links to relevant information#

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