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Single profile update API

Almost identical to the Bulk Profile Update API, but one visitor profile is updated at a time, in line in the API call instead of with a .csv file.


The visitor must be identified via the Target mboxPC value or mbox3rdPartyId value. The Experience Cloud ID (ECID) is not supported.

Example Use Cases#

You want to update Target in real time when a visitor performs some offline action. Actions can include reaching a call center, a loan is funded, using a loyalty card in store, accessing a kiosk, and so forth.

Benefits of method#

No limit on the number of profile attributes.

Profile attributes sent via the site can be updated via the API and vice versa.


Limit of 1,000,000 API calls (1 million) per 24-hour period

Updates profiles only. Cannot create a profile for a potential user Target has yet to see.

Code examples#

GET and POST supported. https://CLIENT.tt.omtrdc.net/m2/client/profile/update?mboxPC=1368007744041-575948.01_00&profile.attr1=0&profile.attr2=1...

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