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Allowlist Target edge nodes

Information and an up-to-date list of hosts to help you allowlist Adobe Target edges.

An edge is a geographically distributed serving architecture that ensures optimum response times for end-users requesting content, regardless of where they are located. Each edge node has all the information required to respond to the user's content request and to track analytics data on that request. User requests are routed to the nearest edge node. For more information, see The edge network.

You can allowlist Target edge nodes, if desired.

Network Address Translation (NAT) IP addresses of Target edges#

List of egress IP addresses of Target edges. Allowlist these IPs if you plan to have Target reach out to your services.

Edge LocationEgress IP Addresses
Edge31 (Mumbai)
Edge32 (Tokyo)
Edge34 (East Coast US)
Edge35 (West Coast US)
Edge36 (Sydney)
Edge37 (Ireland)
Edge38 (Singapore)

Target edge IP addresses#

List of IP addresses of Target edges. Allowlist these IPs if you want to make API calls to Target edges.

Edge LocationDomainIP Addresses
(where CLIENTCODE is your Target client ID)
Edge31 (Mumbai)mboxedge31.tt.omtrdc.net15.207.157.131
Edge32 (Tokyo)mboxedge32.tt.omtrdc.net54.199.66.101
Edge34 (East Coast US)mboxedge34.tt.omtrdc.net3.225.56.36
Edge35 (West Coast US)mboxedge35.tt.omtrdc.net52.10.244.20
Edge36 (Sydney)mboxedge36.tt.omtrdc.net13.238.34.185
Edge37 (Ireland)mboxedge37.tt.omtrdc.net52.212.193.208
Edge38 (Singapore)mboxedge38.tt.omtrdc.net52.221.145.65
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