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mboxCreate(mbox,params) - at.js 1.x

Executes a request and applies the offer to the closest DIV with mboxDefault class name.

This function is built into at.js mostly to ease the transition from mbox.js (now deprecated) to at.js. A newer alternative to mboxCreate() is adobe.target.getOffer()/ adobe.target.applyOffer() or the Angular directive.


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1<div class="mboxDefault">
2 default content to replace by offer
5 mboxCreate('mboxName','param1=value1','param2=value2');


mboxCreate() now uses the "json" endpoint instead of the "standard" endpoint and fires asynchronously. Because of this:

  • Debugging is a little different.

  • Avoid offer code requiring synchronous, blocking calls.

    For example, offers that set JavaScript variables that are used by site code or other mboxes that come later on the page.

  • Be sure to have a <div class="mboxDefault"></div>before invoking mboxCreate(), because at.js will not add one for you.

  • Empty, top-of-page mboxCreate() functions are not recommended as a global mbox.

    The auto-created global mbox in at.js is a better option because it fires from the <head> and can return content earlier.

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