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registerExtension() - at.js 1.x

Provides a standard way to register a specific extension.

The options parameter is mandatory and has the following structure:

nameStringYesExtension name.
modulesArray[String]YesAn array of strings representing requested module names.
registerFunctionYesA function used to initialize and build the extension. This function receives arguments based on modules array.


  • If one of the parameters is not provided, an exception is thrown.
  • If the modules array is empty, an exception is thrown.

For more information and examples of how to use registerExtension, see the Adobe Experience Cloud Target atjs Extensions page on GitHub.

Settings Module Methods#

clientCodeStringClient code
serverDomainStringEdge server domain
globalMboxNameStringTarget global mbox name
globalMboxAutoCreateBooleanIndicates if auto-create is enabled or not
timeoutNumberRequest timeout

Logger Module Methods#

logFunctionLogs the variable list of arguments to the browser console, if it exists. It is activated only when mboxDebug=true is passed to the URL.
errorFunctionLogs the variable list of arguments to the browser console. It is activated only when there are serious errors, such as network timeout, HTML node not found, etc.
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