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Use cloud-based instances with Target

Information about issues customers face when using cloud-based instances to test Adobe Target.

Target customers sometimes use cloud-based instances with Target for testing or simple proof-of-concept purposes. These instances might include the following domains:

azurewebsites.net, cloudapp.net, amazonaws.com, cloudfront.net, herokuapp.com, or firebaseapp.com

These domains, and many others, are part of the Public Suffix List.

Issue: Modern browsers won't save cookies if you are using these domains.

The at.js JavaScript library uses cookies to track users to ensure that Target always presents a consistent experience. If the Target JavaScript library can't save cookies, Target requests are disabled.

Solution: As best practice, if you intend to use cloud-based instances with domains included on the Public Suffix List, make sure that you customize the cookieDomain setting. For more information, see targetGlobalSettings().

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