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A structure providing a basic set of information to get in contact with a person.

Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrExtadrThe contact information address part. Comprises an optional company name and all required information to locate the building or postbox to which mail should be sent. To that end, the address is a multiline field.Text
Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrCityThe contact information city part.Text
Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrRegionThe contact information part denoting regional information like state or province.Text
Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrPcodeThe contact information part denoting the local postal code.Text
Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrCtryThe contact information county part.Text
Iptc4xmpCore:CiTelWorkThe contact information phone number part. Multiple numbers can be given, separated by a comma.Text
Iptc4xmpCore:CiEmailWorkThe contact information email address part. Multiple email addresses can be given, separated by a comma.Text
Iptc4xmpCore:CiUrlWorkThe contact information web address part. Multiple addresses can be given, separated by a comma.Text
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