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A marker type used to describe an important location in an audio or video sequence. It is a value of the xmpDM:markers array in a Track.

xmpDM:commentOptional. A descriptive commentText
xmpDM:cuePointParamsOptional. An ordered sequence of processing parameters for an FLVCuePoint-type markerOrdered array of CuePointParam
xmpDM:cuePointTypeOptional. The cue-point type for an FLVCuePoint-type marker, one of Navigation or EventText
xmpDM:durationOptional. The duration of the marker.Default is 0. This is a number of ticks/frames in the timescale specified by an optionally included frame rate. If the parent Track specifies xmpDM:frameRate, that becomes the default frame rate for all member markers.If no frame rate is specified in either the marker or the track, this value is a number of seconds (frames at the default frame rate of 1fps).FrameCount
xmpDM:locationOptional. The URL of the location to jump to, for a WebLink-type marker.For example, http://www.mysite.com.URI
xmpDM:nameThe name of the marker. For timed text, the phrase, word, or syllable.Text
xmpDM:probabilityOptional. For auto-detected speech, the probability that the word is accurate.Real
xmpDM:speakerOptional. The name or other identifier of the speaker or performer, for a Speech-type marker. The speaker need only be identified if it changes from the previous phrase.Text
xmpDM:startTimeThe timeline position of the marker.Default is 0, the beginning of the file that contains the track.FrameCount
xmpDM:targetOptional. A frame target, for a WebLink-type markerText
xmpDM:typeA comma-delimited list of marker types. The type indicates how a marker or set of markers is intended to be used, and what other information is associated with it. Predefined value types include:Chapter,Cue,Index,Speech,Track. This type overrides any type specified in the containing TrackOpen Choice of Text
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