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A structure denoting a high-level event that occurred in the processing of a resource.

Note The structure shall include the stEvt:action and stEvt:when fields; other fields need not be present.

stEvt:actionThe action that occurred.Defined values are: converted, copied, created, cropped, edited, filtered, formatted, version_updated, printed, published, managed, produced, resized, saved. New values should be verbs in the past tense.Open Choice of Text
stEvt:changedA semicolon-delimited list of the parts of the resource that were changed since the previous event history. If not present, presumed to be undefined. When tracking changes and the scope of the changed components is unknown, it should be assumed that anything might have changed.Text
stEvt:instanceIDThe value of the xmpMM:InstanceID property for the modified (output) resourceGUID
stEvt:parametersAdditional description of the actionText
stEvt:softwareAgentThe software agent that performed the actionAgentName
stEvt:whenTimestamp of when the action occurred. For events that create or write to a file, this should be the approximate modification time of the file.Date
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