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A multiple part reference to a resource. Used to indicate prior versions, originals of renditions, originals for derived documents, and so on. The fields present in any specific reference depend on usage and on whether the referenced resource is managed. Except for instanceID, the fields are all properties from the referenced resource's xmpMM namespace.

stRef:documentIDThe value of the xmpMM:DocumentID property from the referenced resource.GUID
stRef:filePathThe referenced resource’s file path or URL.URI
stRef:instanceIDThe value of the xmpMM:InstanceID property from the referenced resource.GUID
stRef:renditionClassThe value of the xmpMM:RenditionClass property from the referenced resource.RenditionClass
stRef:renditionParamsThe value of the xmpMM:RenditionParams property from the referenced resource.Text
stRef:alternatePathsThe referenced resource's fallback file paths or URLs. The sequence order is the recommended order in attempting to locate the resource.Text
stRef:fromPartFor a resource within an xmpMM:Ingredients list, the part of this resource that is incorporated in the containing document.Part
stRef:lastModifyDateThe value of stEvt:when for the last time the file was writtenDate
stRef:managerThe referenced resource's xmpMM:ManagerAgentName
stRef:managerVariantThe referenced resource's xmpMM: ManagerVariantText
stRef:manageToThe referenced resource's xmpMM:ManageToURI
stRef:manageUIThe referenced resource's xmpMM:ManageUIURI
stRef:maskMarkersFor a resource within an xmpMM:Ingredients list, whether markers in this resource should be ignored (masked) or processed normally. One of: All: Ignore markers in this ingredient and all its children. None: Process markers in this ingredient and all its children.Closed choice of Text
stRef:partMappingThe name or URI of a mapping function used to map the fromPart to the toPart. The default for time mappings is "linear".Text
stRef:toPartFor a resource within an xmpMM:Ingredients list, the part of the containing document into which this resource is incorporated.Part
stRef:versionIDThe referenced resource’s xmpMM:VersionIDText
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