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Photoshop namespace

This namespace specifies properties used by Adobe Photoshop

photoshop:ColorModeThe colour mode. One of: 0 = Bitmap , 1 = Gray scale, 2 = Indexed colour, 3 = RGB colour, 4 = CMYK colour, 7 = Multi-channel, 8 = Duotone, 9 = LAB colourClosed Choice of Integer
photoshop:DocumentAncestorsIf the source document for a copy-and-paste or place operation has a document ID, that ID is added to this list in the destination document's XMP.Unordered array of Ancestor
photoshop:HistoryThe history that appears in the FileInfo panel, if activated in the application preferences.Text
photoshop:ICCProfileThe colour profile, such as AppleRGB, AdobeRGB1998.Text
photoshop:TextLayersIf a document has text layers, this property caches the text for each layer.Ordered array of Layer
photoshop:AuthorsPositionBy-line title.Text
photoshop:CategoryCategory. Limited to 3 7-bit ASCII characters.Text
photoshop:CountryCountry/primary location.Text
photoshop:DateCreatedThe date the intellectual content of the document was created, rather than the creation date of the physical representation.Date
photoshop:InstructionsSpecial instructions.Text
photoshop:SupplementalCategoriesSupplemental category.Unordered array of Text
photoshop:TransmissionReferenceOriginal transmission reference.Text
photoshop:UrgencyUrgency. Valid range is 1-8.Integer
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