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XMP Dynamic Media namespace

This namespace specifies properties used by the Adobe dynamic media group.

xmpDM:absPeakAudioFilePathThe absolute path to the file’s peak audio file. If empty, no peak file exists.URI
xmpDM:albumThe name of the album.Text
xmpDM:altTapeNameAn alternative tape name, set via the project window or timecode dialog in Premiere. If an alternative name has been set and has not been reverted, that name is displayed.Text
xmpDM:altTimecodeA timecode set by the user. When specified, it is used instead of the startTimecode.Timecode
xmpDM:artistThe name of the artist or artists.Text
xmpDM:audioChannelTypeThe audio channel type. One of:Mono,Stereo,5.1,7.1,16 Channel,OtherClosed Choice of Text
xmpDM:audioCompressorThe audio compression used. For example, MP3.Text
xmpDM:audioSampleRateThe audio sample rate. Can be any value, but commonly 32000, 44100, or 48000.Integer
xmpDM:audioSampleTypeThe audio sample type. One of:8Int,16Int,24Int,32Int,32Float,Compressed,Packed,OtherClosed Choice of Text
xmpDM:beatSpliceParamsAdditional parameters for Beat Splice stretch mode.beatSpliceStretch
xmpDM:cameraAngleThe orientation of the camera to the subject in a static shot, from a fixed set of industry standard terminology. Predefined values include: Low Angle , Eye Level , High Angle , Overhead Shot , Birds Eye Shot , Dutch Angle , POV , Over the Shoulder , Reaction ShotOpen Choice of Text
xmpDM:cameraLabelA description of the camera used for a shoot. Can be any string, but is usually simply a number, for example "1", "2", or more explicitly "Camera 1"Text
xmpDM:cameraModelThe make and model of the camera used for a shoot.Text
xmpDM:cameraMoveThe movement of the camera during the shot, from a fixed set of industry standard terminology. Predefined values include:Aerial , Boom Up , Boom Down , Crane Up , Crane Down , Dolly In , Dolly Out , Pan Left , Pan Right , Pedestal Up , Pedestal Down , Tilt Up , Tilt Down , Tracking , Truck Left , Truck Right , Zoom In , Zoom OutOpen Choice of Text
xmpDM:clientThe client for the job of which this shot or take is a part.Text
xmpDM:commentA user’s comments.Text
xmpDM:composerThe composer’s name.Text
xmpDM:contributedMediaAn unordered list of all media used to create this media.Unordered array of Media
xmpDM:directorThe director of the scene.Text
xmpDM:directorPhotographyThe director of photography for the scene.Text
xmpDM:durationThe duration of the media file.Time
xmpDM:engineerThe engineer’s name.Text
xmpDM:fileDataRateThe file data rate in megabytes per second. For example:"36/10" = 3.6 MB/secRational
xmpDM:genreThe name of the genre.Text
xmpDM:goodA checkbox for tracking whether a shot is a keeper.Boolean
xmpDM:instrumentThe musical instrument.Text
xmpDM:introTimeThe duration of lead time for queuing music.Time
xmpDM:keyThe audio’s musical key. One of:C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, BClosed Choice of Text
xmpDM:logCommentUser’s log comments.Text
xmpDM:loopWhen true, the clip can be looped seamlessly.Boolean
xmpDM:numberOfBeatsThe total number of musical beats in a clip; for example, the beats-per-second times the duration in seconds.Real
xmpDM:markersAn ordered list of markers. See also xmpDM:Tracks.Ordered array of Marker
xmpDM:outCueThe time at which to fade out.Time
xmpDM:projectNameThe name of the project of which this file is a part.Text
xmpDM:projectRefA reference to the project of which this file is a part.ProjectLink
xmpDM:pullDownThe sampling phase of film to be converted to video (pull-down). One of:WSSWW , SSWWW , SWWWS , WWWSS , WWSSW , WWWSW , WWSWW , WSWWW , SWWWW , WWWWSClosed Choice of Text
xmpDM:relativePeakAudioFilePathThe relative path to the file’s peak audio file. If empty, no peak file exists.URI
xmpDM:relativeTimestampThe start time of the media inside the audio project.Time
xmpDM:releaseDateThe date the title was released.Date
xmpDM:resampleParamsAdditional parameters for Resample stretch mode.resampleStretch
xmpDM:scaleTypeThe musical scale used in the music. One of: Major, Minor, Both, Neither. Neither is most often used for instruments with no associated scale, such as drums.Closed Choice of Text
xmpDM:sceneThe name of the scene.Text
xmpDM:shotDateThe date and time when the video was shot.Date
xmpDM:shotDayThe day in a multiday shoot. For example: Day 2, Friday.Text
xmpDM:shotLocationThe name of the location where the video was shot. For example: "Oktoberfest, Munich Germany". For more accurate positioning, use the Exif GPS values.Text
xmpDM:shotNameThe name of the shot or take.Text
xmpDM:shotNumberThe position of the shot in a script or production, relative to other shots. For example: 1, 2, 1a, 1b, 1.1, 1.2.Text
xmpDM:shotSizeThe size or scale of the shot framing, from a fixed set of industry standard terminology. Predefined values include:ECU --extreme close-up , MCU -- medium close-up , CU -- close-up , MS -- medium shot , WS -- wide shot , MWS -- medium wide shot , EWS -- extreme wide shotOpen Choice of Text
xmpDM:speakerPlacementA description of the speaker angles from centre front in degrees. For example: “Left = -30, Right = 30, Centre = 0, LFE = 45, Left Surround = -110, Right Surround = 110”Text
xmpDM:startTimecodeThe timecode of the first frame of video in the file, as obtained from the device control.Timecode
xmpDM:stretchModeThe audio stretch mode. One of:Fixed length, , Time-Scale , Resample , Beat Splice , HybridClosed Choice of Text
xmpDM:takeNumberA numeric value indicating the absolute number of a take.Integer
xmpDM:tapeNameThe name of the tape from which the clip was captured, as set during the capture process.Text
xmpDM:tempoThe audio’s tempo.Real
xmpDM:timeScaleParamsAdditional parameters for Time-Scale stretch mode.timeScaleStretch
xmpDM:timeSignatureThe time signature of the music. One of:2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 7/4, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8, otherClosed Choice of Text
xmpDM:trackNumberA numeric value indicating the order of the audio file within its original recording.Integer
xmpDM:TracksAn unordered list of tracks. A track is a named set of markers, which can specify a frame rate for all markers in the set.See also xmpDM:markers.Unordered array of Track
xmpDM:videoAlphaModeThe alpha mode. One of: straight, pre-multiplied , or noneClosed Choice of Text
xmpDM:videoAlphaPremultipleColorA colour in CMYK or RGB to be used as the premultiple colour when alpha mode is premultiplied.Colorants
xmpDM:videoAlphaUnityIsTransparentWhen true, unity is clear, when false, it is opaque.Boolean
xmpDM:videoColorSpaceThe colour space. One of:sRGB (used by Photoshop), CCIR-601 (used for NTSC), CCIR-709 (used for HD)Closed Choice of Text
xmpDM:videoCompressorVideo compression used. For example, jpeg.Text
xmpDM:videoFieldOrderThe field order for video. One of:Upper, Lower, ProgressiveClosed Choice of Text
xmpDM:videoFrameRateThe video frame rate. Predefined values include:24, NTSC, PALOpen Choice of Text
xmpDM:videoFrameSizeThe frame size. For example: w:720, h: 480, unit:pixelsDimensions
xmpDM:videoPixelAspectRatioThe aspect ratio, expressed as wd/ht. For example: “648/720” = 0.9Rational
xmpDM:videoPixelDepthThe size in bits of each colour component of a pixel. Standard Windows 32-bit pixels have 8 bits per component. One of:8Int, 16Int, 24Int, 32Int, 32Float, OtherClosed Choice of Text
xmpDM:partOfCompilationPart of compilation.Boolean
xmpDM:lyricsLyrics text. No association with timecode.Text
xmpDM:discNumberIf in a multi-disc set, might contain total number of discs. For example: 2/3.Text
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